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September 15, 2014 12:44 PM by Debra Karplus of When OTs Wore White Shoes

Cleaning out a closet here at home the other day, I stumbled upon a couple of lab coats, lurking in the back of the closet.  One is jacket length, the other is three-quarter length.  I can't remember the last time I wore either of these.  But supposedly, wearing one of these white garments, made me look "professional", at least that was what I must have believed at the time.  I can't imagine I ...

September 12, 2014 9:24 AM by Wendy Spoor-Hof of A Pediatric Perspective

I'm sure you've heard by now about the recent study done by researchers at the University of California regarding Autism and early intervention. Their study, called the "Infant Start" study, is showing that infants who are showing early signs of Autism had little to no developmental delays by the time they reached their 3rd ...

September 11, 2014 11:40 AM by Dan Eisner of Energizing Healthcare

I live in Baltimore, the home of the Ravens and the even now more infamous Ray Rice. People all over the country are all up in arms about Ray, domestic violence, the Ravens Organization, and the NFL, having countless debates over every aspect of social media.

But, no one is really talking about the REAL ISSUE.

It's NOT about Ray.

It's NOT about Domestic Violence.

It's NOT about the ...

September 10, 2014 11:25 AM by Iris Kimberg of Taking Care of Rehab Business

It is not a new concept to any health professional that we all spend some time coordinating the care of our patients, whether it is directly or indirectly related to the service we are providing. It is part of our job, part of treating and caring for the whole patient. What is a "new" concept is that we may start getting paid for our efforts!

The Obama administration announced recently that beginning in January ...


This year, A. turns fifteen, and she begins her first year of 9th grade. Just like that, High School is a Thing that we do.

It's hard to believe that we're here already. It's hard to believe it's been ten years since we moved to this city, since A. started Kindergarten, since we began our journey into the public school system. And it's amazing how far we've come, even in just the last few years.

A. has become ...

September 8, 2014 11:29 AM by Debra Karplus of When OTs Wore White Shoes

I frequently find myself in social situations where I'm meeting new people.  It always humors me when people say, "So, what do you do?"  typically respond by saying, "Well, I do many things, but I'm an occupational therapist by profession."

Recently, I searched online via aota.org and a few other reputable websites seeking a history of the definition. I couldn't find any sort of timeline, but it looks ...

September 8, 2014 11:21 AM by Wendy Spoor-Hof of A Pediatric Perspective

 Last week got away from me before I knew it.  I'm not sure if it was because it had a Monday holiday in it or if it was because it was an exceptionally busy work week combined with my second research paper being due for my summer college English course.  Speaking of which, I can't believe I'm already more than half way through the class.  Time has flown.  I will start my full course load in ...

September 5, 2014 8:59 AM by Tim Banish of COTA Thoughts

 A question every worker asks sometimes as early as Wednesday, maybe earlier depending on how the week has gone. Even in my last few years working as a COTA, only working part time, I asked that question more than a few times.

Were you aware that in the past Medicare recognized holidays and week-ends? Therapy was a Monday to Friday thing, the only time weekend therapy was done was to make up a missed treatment ...

September 4, 2014 9:04 AM by Dan Eisner of Energizing Healthcare

Last week my friend introduced me to the idea of intermittent fasting. I'd never heard of it before, but considering the fact that I recently made the decision to get in better shape, I immediately read the article and was blown away by the health benefits.

Literally, without ANY hesitation, I said "I'm doing it" and I started this week. While there are many different ways to intermittently fast, I am practicing ...

September 3, 2014 11:05 AM by Iris Kimberg of Taking Care of Rehab Business

More and more, corporate America is working with the institutions of higher education to make sure school curriculums and courses of study meet the needs of the job/employment markets of 2014 and the future. Less and less, certain sectors of the healthcare industry, the public service models of delivery, and the governing bodies of OT and PT are doing the same. There is almost a total disconnect between what is happening ...

September 2, 2014 9:15 AM by Debra Karplus of When OTs Wore White Shoes

 At a dinner party last week, my friend Nancy shared details of her recent vacation to Colorado vacation, a state where marijuana, both medical and recreational, is now legal.  Nancy has had a long history of chronic pain.  She bought some weed legally at a shop that sells only marijuana, and ingested the small amount that she purchased.  She claims that within a short amount of time, she felt better ...

August 29, 2014 11:45 AM by Wendy Spoor-Hof of A Pediatric Perspective

Today's blog is about resources for children and their families. When working in pediatrics, especially Birth-to-Three, you find that many families are struggling to make ends meet due to the additional costs it takes to raise a child with special needs. I'd like to offer you some resources you can share that may come in handy in different areas of need. 

August 29, 2014 11:39 AM by Tim Banish of COTA Thoughts

At one time or another you probably had to answer this question if you attended school to become an Occupational Therapist. I'm still not sure if there is an easy answer to this question as there are so many areas where OTs work. The real confusing part is much of the information found via an internet search. I've found some of that information to be misleading, and only a few places where the subject matter is close ...

August 28, 2014 3:31 PM by Dan Eisner of Energizing Healthcare

I've recently been introduced to an amazing book called The Gene Keys. It's not an ordinary book, but rather profound practical guide that we can continuously explore to gain amazing insight into the nature of human behavior.

While the book is "out there," its also very much rooted in science and it illustrates how human behavior is genetically wired ...


It hasn't always been easy to get A. to watch new movies. Even now, she still doesn't like going to the theater, and whenever anyone makes a suggestion of a movie for her to watch, she'll still watch several scenes from the film on YouTube before she will sit down and take in the whole movie in order to be better prepared. However, she is much more willing to watch movies I suggest. I guess we've had so much success ...

August 25, 2014 3:17 PM by Danielle Bullen of ADVANCE Outlook: OT

Guest post written by Rachel Wynn, MS, CCC-SLP

Let's start with a story that takes place in a SNF where I worked. The tight quarters of a small therapy gym and rehab wing, allowed for easy co-treating and observation of my fellow therapists' treatment, which I found incredibly valuable as a new graduate. I noticed when a very gentle occupational therapist worked with patient (with memory and cognitive ...

August 25, 2014 10:38 AM by Debra Karplus of When OTs Wore White Shoes

In occupational therapy school, I remember spending one class session learning about the Manual Muscle Test. Like many of the lessons learned in OT school, I didn't have a sense of their impact in an actual clinical setting. So, I did not really take very seriously the MMT or its uses and implications.

Recently, a few aches and pains caused me to visit a specialist at the recommendation of my general ...

August 22, 2014 2:30 PM by Wendy Spoor-Hof of A Pediatric Perspective

I can't believe how fast this summer has flown by. I can remember when I was a kid and it felt like the summer went on forever. So slow that by the end of it I was ready to go back to school, if you can believe that!

My oldest started his junior year of college this past Wednesday and my youngest starts his sophomore year of high school next Wednesday. I was in the car with my youngest this morning and I mentioned ...

August 22, 2014 10:08 AM by Dan Eisner of Energizing Healthcare

One of the most important things to understand about Love is that it's not an emotion, but rather a frequency of energy.  As a matter of fact, it's happens to be the highest frequency of energy that exists, and it has everything to do with simply being immersed in the present moment.

This is not some Pollyanna "woo woo" claim; we are talking about a very real science. However, we don't really even need the ...

August 20, 2014 1:44 PM by Tim Banish of COTA Thoughts

A milestone is defined as an action or event marking a significant change or stage in development. Dealing with our patients as a COTA we often see their progress in small increments, but when they were able to finally achieve one of their long term goals I always liked to call it a milestone.

Well today my blog has hit a milestone. This is the 100th blog I have written since returning back to COTA Thoughts. One ...


I know it sounds crazy, but before K. was born, I was actually a little worried about the love I would have for both of my daughters. When A. was first born, I was absolutely overwhelmed by just how much I loved her I could have never imagined I would love someone so fully, completely, and unconditionally. Before K. was born, I was a little nervous what if I didn't have that same overwhelming feeling of love? What if ...

August 20, 2014 11:18 AM by Iris Kimberg of Taking Care of Rehab Business

There is no denying that the ice bucket challenge continues to be an unqualified success, despite the naysayers who have negated and criticized it from many angles - waste of water, and more of an exercise in raising awareness of one's own craziness, altruism, "slacktivism" and/or attractiveness in a wet T-shirt.

Here's why I am so happy it has taken off.  Back in the day (30 plus years ago), I was one of the ...

August 18, 2014 9:01 AM by Debra Karplus of When OTs Wore White Shoes

The other day I was out my garden trying to locate the ripe tomatoes so that I could pick them. Admittedly, this year, for no particular reason, I had planted the little tomato plants way to close to each other. So now, at harvesting time, I have had to perform "acrobatics" in the garden to get to the red ones. It has been a challenge, but a rather fun one. It's a good thing that my eye-hand coordination ...

August 15, 2014 9:13 AM by Tim Banish of COTA Thoughts

I'm sure most of you know I'm not a big supporter of AOTA (American Occupational Therapy Association) ever since the changes back in 1998. And as much as I'm not a member, never signed up for any emails or communication from them, an email arrived yesterday that surprised me.

I think one of the biggest issues in Occupational Therapy currently is the productivity standards. Too many therapists are being coerced ...

August 15, 2014 9:00 AM by Wendy Spoor-Hof of A Pediatric Perspective

When I heard that Robin Williams had passed away my heart broke.  When I learned that he had been suffering from severe depression and committed suicide my heart shattered. 

Depression - an often misunderstood disease.  A disease that is not easy for those who are suffering from it or for those who love someone suffering from it.  It's not just an adult disease either.  Did you know that ...



The ADVANCE for Occupational Therapy Practitioners editorial staff will discuss issues in the occupational therapy profession, current events in healthcare and offer their personal views and tips for your enjoyment.

The Pediatric Perspective blog is a place to come to learn of new and existing strategies for anyone working in Pediatrics or anyone who has a young loved one with occupational therapy needs.  Join Wendy as she shares these strategies along with the struggles and triumphs of being a mom and therapist navigating the Special Education world with her son.

The mother of an autistic girl shares her story about her daughter's sensory issues, the various treatments she has received, and how "living on the spectrum" affects everyday life for her family.

Read along as a group in various stages of their OT careers share their stories.

Tim Banish, Sr., COTA, Retired will share his thoughts on important issues such as COTA salaries, productivity requirements, and the current changes in healthcare. My main focus will be issues older Americans are facing and long term care.

Dan Eisner is a psychiatric OT in the department of psychiatry at the University of MD Medical Center and a private certified coach at http://www.keyinsightcoaching.com/ with over 15 years experience. Dan has been inspiring thousands of people with his unique blend of services which includes a basic understanding of mind-body science, emotional intelligence, and practical spirituality.

Iris Kimberg MS PT, OTR,  CEO of NYTherapyGuide, will keep therapists current on issues, trends and opportunities in the private sector.

Occupational therapy has changed a lot over the past four decades, and it continues to evolve. Follow Debra L. Karplus, MS, OTR/L as she shares the wisdom that comes with being a seasoned occupational therapist.