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David Plaut: Off the Cuff

About David Plaut: Off the Cuff

Welcome to my blog! I will touch on a number of topics that I feel should be discussed/debated or, at the very least, brought to your attention; e.g., the utility of having tropoin values as low as 0.1 or less or the complex art of autoverification. I will pontificate only sometimes just to stir the pot. I want the readers to learn and to be stimulated to think and respond, as well as talk with one another.

About David Plaut

David Plaut spent a number of years developing assays for the clinical laboratory, as well as the first PC-based intra- and inter-laboratory QC system. QC remains an interesting and important area for David, as do method validation, assessing linearity, ROC curves and laboratory statistics in general. He would like to see more data on profiles or panels of some markers for cardiac risk, cancers, DIC, as well as other areas. David has genuine concern about the education of the future generations of clinical laboratory scientists.


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