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ADVANCE Discourse: Lab

Penn’s Amazing Achievements

Published March 14, 2012 10:44 AM by Lynn

The ADVANCE team toured the wonderful laboratories at University of Pennsylvania/Penn Medicine last week. I wanted to help spread the word of some of their significant achievements.

For example, a new treatment for leukemia, called CART 19, has proven effective in several terminally ill patients. Their findings appeared recently in the New England Journal of Medicine, but you also could learn more on the treatment and view a link to video at:

As well, there’s new discoveries in managing and treating HIV, which can be found at :

And you certainly won’t want to miss UPenn’s amazing discoveries and approaches to managing a rare high cholesterol condition:


CART 19 is a potential "cure" for many terminally ill cancer patients.  Incredible results were seen from the clinical trial where two out of three trial participants, who were at deaths door, are now cancer free!   You would expect a huge swell of support for this research right?   Shockingly, now I hear that some major donors like the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society are NOT supporting this research anymore. I called the LLS and was told they like to support research until a drug company steps in and takes over. CART 19 is not a drug to keep patients going for a couple of more months, it is a process which may promise a cure...guess that is not what the LLS or the drug companies want.  Think about sending your donations directly to the research facility instead of to an agent of the drug companies like the LLS.  Wake up, our lives are at risk here and we need to voice our concerns.  Call the LLS at 916-821-8891 and ask them to support CART 19 research at Pennsylvania/Penn Medicine and not just research that will make the drug companies another buck.

Linda May 8, 2012 10:33 AM
Lafayette CA

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