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Have You Voted Yet?

Published November 6, 2012 8:44 AM by Valerie Newitt

There were already long lines at the polls as I made my way to work just after 7 a.m. And that's a great thing -- especially at the end of a contentious election season capping off a run for votes by the most philosophically opposed presidential candidates I have seen in my lifetime.

Whoever takes office in January will have more of the same "tough road to hoe." But there are variables, too. Will we be sent back for a "do-over" on healthcare if Mitt Romney takes the oval office and makes good on his promise to repeal Obamacare? Will women's reproductive rights be trounced?

And if President Obama keeps his position, will we see an historically large deficit get fatter? And will he truly hang strong with our Israeli allies?

These are issues to be considered, weighed, and certainly not left to chance. As a nation we must collectively dig into minds, hearts and souls en route to our polling stations. We must pay tribute to the efforts of all of those men and women who fought, fight, and will do future battle for our right to choose. And with the simple pull of a lever we can unleash our most potent and influential "weapon" -- democracy.

Please do your part and vote to select the person best-suited to the highest office in the land. We are all in this together.

posted by Valerie Newitt


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