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August 2009 - Posts

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Get Ready for HI&T Week! 28 August 09 02:02 PM postedby Lynn Jusinski
We have products for Health Information and Technology Week to honor those behind-the-scenes teams. I have a special place in my heart for health information and technology. Before becoming a blogger for ADVANCE Custom Promotions , I wrote for the newsmagazine Read More...
Wholesale Resuable Shopping Bags: Now’s the Time 25 August 09 02:39 PM postedby Lynn Jusinski
Cities look to cutting out the plastic. Last week, Seattle residents soundly shot down a measure that would place a 20-cent fee on plastic and paper bags used in the city. The New York Times' Green Inc. blog noted that despite the defeat, backed by a Read More...
Hone Your Inner Craftster 19 August 09 01:51 PM postedby Lynn Jusinski
Our new resource center, geared to marketing professionals, gives you the skinny on promotional campaigns. Dollars are stretched and budgets slashed, so when you're marketing your brand, you want to get the most out of that money. ADVANCE Custom Promotions Read More...
It’s a Keeper: Grow Guy Grow Cup 18 August 09 09:32 AM postedby Lynn Jusinski
Your brand can bloom with our promotional plants. He's got legs, and he knows how to use them. Well, he's got legs if you want him to have legs and using them means, well, standing on them, because he doesn't walk around or anything. The leg option's Read More...
Handy Guides Can Help Health Literacy 14 August 09 11:26 AM postedby Lynn Jusinski
Our new offerings by The Quick Series® will be a hit with patients. You're in the waiting room with your elderly parent waiting for a medical appointment to begin. You flip through old copies of Newsweek, decide that the chair you're sitting in has no Read More...
August Pen Sale 10 August 09 09:22 AM postedby Lynn Jusinski
Meet Steve, one of our custom print pens. Some days you wake up on the right side of the bed, but by the time you get to work, you're on the wrong side of the cubicle. Other days, you can't contain your excitement and gleefully work away all day, full Read More...
It’s a Keeper: Portable USB Pens 05 August 09 02:27 PM postedby Lynn Jusinski
These portable USB pens are just the right fit for keeping clients happy. My father complained about his work computer constantly crashing, and his employer devised an elegant solution. They gave him a USB drive where he could keep all of his important Read More...
Green Monday: BPA-free Stainless Steel Water Bottles 03 August 09 04:19 PM postedby Lynn Jusinski
Reusable bottles, a green alternative to throwaways, are available free of Bisphenol A. Even though I try to do right by Mother Earth, I have flaws when it comes to going green and making healthy choices. I've drooled over BPA-free stainless steel water Read More...

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