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Just Like the Real Thing: Environmentally Friendly Coffee Cups

Published 13 October 09 03:00 PM
Spare Mother Earth and conserve your caffeine habit.

My dad's been a coffee drinker for as long as I can remember. His new obsession is with those little packets of instant coffee, and he's also really caught up in being more frugal, so he figures he's saving money by skipping a stop at the local gas station for his cuppa joe while still getting the required caffeine rush. As a bonus, he insists the little one-serving packs of instant coffee taste better than gas station brew, and I can't say I disagree.

I'm fine with all of this, but did cringe a bit when he whipped out disposable coffee cups that look exactly like the ones you get at coffee shops or gas stations, complete with the big lid and the Styrofoam lining. He even has a little box of individual sugar packets to make the experience just like a real trip to grab a coffee. That's one little plastic pouch that holds the instant coffee, two little sugar packets and a cup and lid that are going in the trash each day. Next time I come home, I'm sure he'll even have the little individual creamer cups just to nail that "I'm really at a gas station" feel.  It just seems like, well, kind of a waste.

I know he's going for authenticity, trying to capture that "I paid $3.87 for this cup of coffee" sensation. It just can't be environmentally friendly, no matter how you slice it, to use a different (albeit pretty) disposable cup each morning. And honestly, after shelling out money for the instant coffee, the throwaway cups, the sugar packets and probably soon the creamer cups, is he really saving money anymore?

I'll admit, however, that I am a big fan of those nice little disposable cups with the lids and the little drinking hole and the snap-back tab. They're easy to tote around, and the lid's a nice touch. While sorting through some of our products recently on the ADVANCE Custom Promotions Web site, I came across these gems, environmentally friendly coffee cups that perfectly mimic those gas station/coffee shop throwaways. They're one of our new products, and these environmentally friendly coffee cups are insulated, just like the coffee cups you get at your local fill-up station or favorite coffee shop, thanks to double-walled porcelain sides and silicone lids.

You can put your logo on the cups, and just like the real (disposable) things, the environmentally friendly cups will fit into cup holders, perfect for the morning rush. I sincerely hope my dad gets one of these reusable coffee cups as a giveaway soon. The environment will breathe a sigh of relief.

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