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At Long Last, Find Your Ideal Wholesale Customized Pens

Published 11 March 10 03:29 PM

Which of our wholesale customized pens with free set up is your perfect promotional match?

Who can really resist those quizzes that are pretty darn ridiculous but match you up or promise to categorize you in one way or another? Perhaps they're just tying into our human desire to find ourselves, discover our places in the world and feel like part of something. I mean, you never finish one of those online quizzes and then have it say, "Yeah, listen, buddy, you're not most like any kind of dead dictator. You're pretty average, in fact. Sorry we wasted your time."

My favorite online quizzes come from my favorite Web site, The Oatmeal, which features gems like* "How Many Tapeworms Could Live in Your Stomach?" and "Could You Still Pass a Driving Test?" and (my personal favorite) "How Long Could You Survive Chained to a Bunk Bed with a Velociraptor?"

This quiz about wholesale customized pens will in no way be even near on par with The Oatmeal, but I figured it might be a fun way to show off a few of our thirteen pens that now come with free set-up. Here goes.

What custom-printed pen with free set-up is the perfect promotion for you?

1. Which is your ideal ride out of these choices?

a. Sporty convertible

b. Reliable minivan

c. Sturdy pickup truck

2. How long is Rhode Island Route 103A?

a. 19.2 miles

b. 1.7 miles

c. 32.5 miles

3. When you think of the color purple, what comes to mind?

a. The artist formerly known as the artist formerly known as Prince

b. Grape popsicles

c. Black cap basslet fish

Answer Key

Mostly As: Well, either you really like Prince, don't know much about Rhode Island highway connectors or you're just longing for your little red Corvette. Maybe it's all of those. This makes satin silver contemporary wholesale customized pens perfect for you and great for your next promotion. These click pens come in black ink and feature a nice little grippy area. To boot, they come in six colors, including purple.

Mostly Bs: You're a straight-shooter, and you might be a little too well-versed in the Rhode Island highway system (unless you chose another answer for that one ... in which case, ew, grape popsicles are gross). For you, this quiz indicates that light-up ballpoint wholesale customized pens could bring you the pizzazz you're seeking. You can choose from five colors, and like the name indicates, these pens light up thanks to an LED light.

Mostly Cs: Your answers indicate that you prefer your promotions on the squishy side, and boy, have we got wholesale customized pens for you. The very scientific, indubitably accurate quiz above shows that your perfect promotional pen match would be the squishy top clicker pen. These wholesale customized pens have that great little grippy, too, and the top squishy area conceals the pens' clickers. Strange, yes, but so are purple fish.

I Got One of Each: Oh man. I'm pretty bad at math and my first bad grade ever was in high school statistics, so I did not see that coming. However, for you, Mr. or Ms. Has A, B and C, well, I recommend that you check out all of our wholesale customized pens with free set-up. They range in price from as low as $0.34 per piece on up to as low as $1.65 per piece. By having set-up included, you'll save approximately a cool $50 on your order.

*Disclaimer: I am going to post the links because, you know, that's what you do when you write a blog with netiquette and so forth. Please wait until after the quiz in this post to visit them. I know these quizzes are addictive, fantastic and you really, really need to know if your loved ones are plotting to eat you, but please stay tuned. Pen quizzes are also awesome. That is all.

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