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Did You Know We Had These Wholesale WD-40® Pens?

Published 09 April 10 03:35 PM
Give customers a quick fix in a convenient size.

My grandfather's method of fixing things involved one thing: duct tape. If duct tape couldn't fix something, nothing could. Toy lawnmowers were stitched together with duct tape, car bumpers on his old junkers were secured with duct tape and even our baby pools were mended carefully with the gray sticky tape.

As an adult, I always have duct tape on hand - I probably inherited that from Pop. I've used it to make purses (and no, you can't tell), quickly patch seams that I didn't have time to sew and, in the coming months, I'm likely going to try my hand at making a duct tape dress form. With all that said, I have a bit of an analogy. Duct Tape : Solid :: ____ : Liquid

Fill in the blank. What fixes everything, but is in a liquid form? What's great at solving quick little problems and gets the job done effectively and efficiently? What can make something old run like it's brand new? Well, the answer is in my headline up there, and also there's a teeny weenie bit of a hint in the picture right there -->

Yes, I'm talking about WD-40. As a friend pointed out, you can use duct tape or WD-40 to fix about anything, because either something is moving and you don't want it to (i.e. toy lawnmower handles) or something isn't moving and you want it to (i.e. hinge on a door). You can use WD-40 to cure squeaky cabinets. It takes away rusty spots. It cleans up grease marks. It stops corrosion in its tracks. Now, you probably wouldn't tote a roll of duct tape around (fashionable bracelet?), but with our new wholesale WD-40 pens, you can have a quick fix right at your fingertips, thanks to the slim size that fits in glove compartments, purses and pockets.

You can imprint the wholesale WD-40 pens with a full-color logo, so it will be bright. And this is the real stuff, not some knock-off version of WD-40, so it will get whatever you need done quickly and effectively.

What can you use these wholesale WD-40 pens for? Well, I have some ideas.

  • They'd make great gifts for new homeowners, so realtors could use the wholesale WD-40 pens as gifts to their clients.
  • Bike shop owners could use the wholesale WD-40 pens as giveaways for grand openings or events.
  • Hardware stores could use the WD-40 pens to incentivize customers.
  • Community organizations sometimes host bike safety lessons (we used to call them "bike rodeos") for youngsters, and the WD-40 pens could be passed out to attendees' parents, complete with a bright logo highlighting the local emergency phone numbers.
  • Have a trade show coming up? Lure potential clients to your booth with these wholesale WD-40 pens as a giveaway.

The list goes on. What would you use the WD-40 pens for? Also, I'd like to make a special request: can someone please invent small, portable duct tape, as well? We're making great technological strides here in 2010, and I shouldn't be denied easy-to-tote duct tape.

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