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Tuesday Afternoon: Promotional Product Trivia!

Published 20 April 10 04:59 PM
Test your knowledge of our products.

As the week winds up here in the ADVANCE offices, I dive into our Web site to see what's new and different and revisit a few of our favorite products. My Grow Guy is growing, my love for squeegees is strong and I still feel a connection with our "Snuggle Me" blankets with sleeves.

My knowledge of our products is growing like the plants in my Grow Guy cup, and I want to share some of my findings with you. To make this just a wee bit more fun, I thought a quick round of promotional products trivia could be the answer. Three questions are laid out to test your brain - or at least your guessing ability.

What do you win? Well, you win knowledge. And knowledge is power. And with great power comes great responsibility. So you win responsibility. Sorry about that. Take good care of it.

Question 1: Which of these three promotional tote bags is priced the lowest (for a quantity of 100)?

Question 2: Which one of these personal care promotional products is more than $1 each (for a quantity of 500+)?

Question 3: Which one talks?

Answer Key: 1. The answer is (drumroll please ... ) B! The handy dandy promotional cooler tote bags clock in at $4.49 each for 100 pieces. The promotional tote bag pictured as A costs slightly more at $5.75 a piece and the custom grocery bag tote in the C position clocks in highest at $8.19 each for that quantity because it's loaded with extras like a strap across the top to hold the groceries secure, a sturdy arm band and bottom and the ability to fold up to a super-compact size.  

2. Oh my, I really do like those seahorse toothbrushes. The prizes that dentists can give away have certainly improved since I was a youngster. Now, getting to the serious stuff, the answer here is B, too! The promotional lip balm is out in front in price at $1.19 each. The seahorse toothbrushes are $0.79 each for 500 or more. The custom hand sanitizer is a dime more at $0.89.The lip balm comes in five flavors (including a personal favorite of mine, green apple) and contains SPF 15 sun block.

3. I am not kidding when I say I didn't mean to do this, but yes, the answer to number three is indeed ... B. Eek. I didn't look up the specifics beforehand and so I didn't know the right answers would all land in the B spot, but that's the way these things happen sometimes, especially on a Tuesday. You have to admit that question three was a bit tricky though, no? I mean, the promotional pen in the C slot has a phone that she's talking on, even though the pen itself doesn't talk. She actually doubles as a keyboard duster - that's why her 'do is all crazy and such. The bobblehead pen pictured as the A choice is snorkeling and unable to talk.

The correct answer, B, is one of our promotional talking pens, and he says "Relax ... Calm down now ... Don't stress ... Take it easy." That's some sage advice for a Tuesday afternoon, pen.

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Stands back from the kyoebard in amazement! Thanks!

Stella Stella, WhHCCyzxGuG - bZtdMWLgANqlzhgRWR, vufkjPcyWZEERWRGf June 29, 2011 11:15 PM

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