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It’s a Keeper: Wholesale Divided Lunch Containers

Published 14 May 10 12:26 PM
And everywhere, people like Vicki rejoiced.

My coworker Vicki's a little strange in many respects. She is the left-brain to my right-brain in the offices at ADVANCE Custom Promotions, and I've learned several odd facts about her in the months we've worked together. Her obsession with her food not touching her other food stands out.

When several different foods are on a plate, they shouldn't touch, says Vicki. Of course, being a good coworker and one who doesn't care that much about food touching (it all goes to the same place, right?), I make sure to snap photos of my food concoctions, like that dreadful time I went to the Wegman's salad bar and had fourteen different types of pre-made salads all touching each other in the container, and even touching strawberries, which seemed to irk Vicki the most. My normal lunches are often a mishmash, too, and last week when I tossed brussels sprouts, a baked potato and some fish in the same container, I got to watch Vicki cringe.

She spotted the perfect solution to her weirdness (but not to me using her weirdness against her) on the ADVANCE Custom Promotions website. We have containers complete with dividers, including these wholesale salad bowls and these divided lunch containers. Nothing has to touch! All food stuffs can remain in their own little segregated areas! No mashed potatoes hanging out with brussels sprouts!

The divided lunch containers would make a good promotional product because they're definitely something people would hang on to - a must for maximum exposure. Perfect lunch and salad containers are valuable things, and I know I spend evenings hunting for just the right bowl to plunk my leftovers in. With these, clients and potential customers will have divided lunch containers at the ready, and these wholesale food bowls aren't likely to land in the trash.

What could the divided lunch containers be used for, in the promotional sense? Think of luncheons with very, very minimal cleanup. They'd work great to hand out at any type of picnic events or anything travel-related. Promote your take-out restaurant with wholesale to-go containers that lasts for more than one meal. They could even be looked at as eco-friendly to a degree because the divided lunch containers can be used over and over again, unlike some of the disposable plastic lunch containers on the market.

The best place to use these? Well, that would probably be at a convention of Vickis, full of people who can't stand when the macaroni is getting a little too close to the beef. In theory, this convention couldn't be held across the hotel from a convention of People Who Used to Mix Everything Together at the Grade-school Lunch Table and Get Paid to Eat it. That would be awkward. I'm not sure those conventions exist yet, but the divided lunch containers would make a great giveaway at a regular trade show, too.

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