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Match ‘Em Up: BiC® Promotional Items Are Buy One Get One Free

Published 28 May 10 10:33 AM
Please refrain from drawing on your computer monitor.

For once, I don't really want you to go take a peek at the homepage of ADVANCE Custom Promotions. Why? Because that would be cheating. In trying to come up with something a little offbeat to promote our BiC® promotional buy one get one free offers, I regressed back to childhood. OK, in reality, a Happy Meal inspired me. They always have those games on them, although the games have gotten quite a bit more involved than back in my day.

A classic menu/Happy Meal game was always the match up game. We brainstormed here at the office to try to figure out what it's actually called, and I like my coworker Vicki's very long drawn out name: "The game in which you match what is in column A to what is in column B." Yeah, I think that's what we called it when we were little.

We're offering some of our customers' favorites, a few of our BiC® promotional products, as part of a buy one get one free deal. It's pretty self explanatory, but there are some details involved ... I'll get into those right after "The game in which you match what is in column A to what is in column B." Column A is what you buy, and column B is what you get for free (or vice versa, of course). I put letters and numbers in because you can't exactly draw lines on your computer monitor to get the full kids' menu effect here.


Answer Key: A. Matches to 3. A is the BiC® promotional highlighter, and if you buy anywhere from the minimum of 300 of those on up, you get the same amount of BiC® promotional Grip Roller pens, which come in seven colors and feature a one-color imprint. The highlighters come in five different colors and the pricing includes a one-color imprint, too. That's 300 pens and 300 highlighters for a steal (or you can order more if you'd like; they just get lower priced as the quantity increases!).

B. The answer here is 4. Yes, those are the same product. Tricky, no? Purchase 500 BiC® promotional sticky pads and get 500 more BiC® promotional sticky pads for free. These are four-color, so you can go wild with the design. You're getting 1,000 BiC® sticky pads for $315, and that's less than $0.32 per sticky pad.

C. The BiC® cooler matches up with the BiC® stick lighter, pictured as 2. Both have low minimums of 50, so you don't have to buy a ton to save a lot of money, thanks to the buy one get one free deal. This duo would be great for camping-related promotions or really, anything related to summer fun, and since it's Memorial Day weekend, you can probably think of plenty of reasons to pick some of these up. 

D. Another (slightly) tricky one: The BiC® promotional twist pens match up to ... themselves, pictured as 1. Buy 300 and get 300 more! With ten colors to choose from, this classic BiC® pen is also a 24-hour rush product and features a one-color logo. Stock up on a favorite promotional product today and get twice what you normally would!

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Thank you so much for a lovely  article.

watson watson April 15, 2011 4:24 AM

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