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It's that Time of Year: Family Reunion Giveaways

Published 11 June 10 04:05 PM
Fun, family and meatballs.

It's finally here. This weekend will be the first ever Jusinski Family Reunion. We already had a preunion in May, but this is the big one, with family coming up from the south and lots of food and dozens of Jusinskis ready for action.

When I tell friends that I'm excited about the family reunion, they look at me like I'm crazy. Not mentioning any names, but on a certain side of my family that isn't my dad's side of the family, we used to have reunions, and let me tell you - they were not fun. I can relate to the exasperated looks when I tell people I'm looking forward to it.

However, I am genuinely looking forward to it. My dad's grandfather was one of ten kids, and all those kids had kids and those kids had kids and it all adds up to a ton of Jusinskis. My dad has nearly five dozen cousins. Most of them, I've never met. We all met up on Facebook and over the course of a few months, we planned a reunion.

While I haven't met many of the "cuz" gang, my dad grew up with many of them. He's like a little kid, so excited and amped up that I have to cut down on his sugar intake.

He got himself all worked up about whether or not to get a hotel for the reunion, which is about two hours north of my dad's house. Next, he freaked out about food - should he go to a caterer to get stuff? Then, more minute details, like whether to bring his dog, if we should go up on Friday and what time we needed to be home the next day, were hashed out via e-mail.

Today's last-minute conundrum? Meatballs. Well, at least we've moved on to a relatively mundane subject. He made 55 meatballs last night. He sent me a message asking how many more meatballs he should make. Exasperated, I did some meatball math, and after deliberating the figures, we decided on 84 meatballs. But then he ate two last night, so really he only has 53, and now I feel like we're back at square one with the meatball math. It will all work out.

Obviously, our family reunion plans were a bit hackneyed - in my immediate family, that is. If you've got your stuff together for your reunion and are looking for some family reunion giveaways, I picked out a few choices. For fun, I emblazoned them with the Jusinski family logo I just created in Paint. You don't have to use that ... although Jusinski is a pretty common name. I tried to keep everything pretty budget friendly in case you have a huge family like me.

Family Reunion Giveaways: Travel Bags

Using promotional bags as family reunion giveaways is good for when you have a bunch of people coming from out of town. When traveling, I always end up shopping and coming home with a bunch more stuff than I left with, so the promotional bags as family reunion giveaways would work. Also, they come in a low minimum (50) and the price is right - just $5.55 each. You can get 50 for $278 plus the set-up fee, and that's a good deal for a big giveaway like a duffel bag.

Family Reunion Giveaways: Flying Discs   

Remember those awful family reunions that I mentioned above? Well, I will say that there were flying discs involved, and that was pretty much the only part that made them somewhat tolerable. We have promotional flying discs that would work well as family reunion giveaways. They'd keep everyone busy and could get used later, as well. The minimum isn't too high - just 100 - so if you have a big family this might be a good promotional item to consider. Also, they're budget-friendly, at just $0.85 for even the lowest minimum.

Family Reunion Giveaways: Promotional Mugs

Unlike the duffel bags or the flying discs, these might not get used right away at a family reunion, but they'll get plenty of use later. Emblazon some of these low cost mugs with your family reunion logo and you've got a family reunion giveaway that's simply and memorable. The minimum is 72, each mug costs between $1.25 and $2.19, depending on quantity. These promotional mugs are also a 24-hour rush project, so if you got tied up making meatballs or sending frantic e-mails to your kids about the reunion, you still have time to place an order.

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