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July 2010 - Posts

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Did You Know We Have These Custom Cowbells? 30 July 10 01:23 PM postedby Lynn Jusinski
What can we say? We needed more cowbell. When my coworker pointed new products, both custom cowbells , out to me, my mind flashed immediately to two things: Christopher Walken and the Tampa Bay Rays. One is happy. The other's annoying but with happy overtones. Read More...
Three Tiers for Rehabilitation Week Shirts 30 July 10 12:13 PM postedby Lynn Jusinski
Celebrate your rehab staff with these fun T-shirts. I went to the mall yesterday to see the stores decked out with back-to-school goodies. My local pharmacy already has an entire aisle devoted to Halloween stuff. At ADVANCE Healthcare Shop , we're already Read More...
Super Cool Wholesale MoMA Promotional Items 22 July 10 04:16 PM postedby Lynn Jusinski
Go modern with your marketing message. Yes, some of the stuff at the Museum of Modern Art is, well, a little bit strange. For instance, a recent exhibit featured people in the buff, an artist (who formerly stabbed herself for art) sitting completely silent Read More...
Eco-friendly Products Word Hunt: 120G PET Recycled Plastic 22 July 10 11:20 AM postedby Lynn Jusinski
Here kitty kitty. Yay! I've finally done enough of these eco-friendly word hunts to link you right to the eco-friendly tag on this blog so you can figure out what's going on. Wahoo! I knew this week would be a good one. Moving on, this word hunt's featured Read More...
Make Your Own Breast Cancer Awareness Giveaways 16 July 10 02:28 PM postedby Lynn Jusinski
Use our custom designs to make your breast cancer awareness giveaways unique. While we do have a nice selection of products specific to breast cancer awareness , as a custom promotions distributor, ADVANCE Custom Promotions allows you to make any of our Read More...
Did You Know We Have These Russian Doll Measuring Cups? 16 July 10 12:59 PM postedby Lynn Jusinski
An organizational - and promotional - solution! I love gadgetry that makes life easier and more organized. Generally a slob at heart, I struggle to keep things in their places around my apartment. The kitchen usually gets the worst of it. Since moving Read More...
Did You Know We Have These Syringe Promotions? 09 July 10 02:35 PM postedby Lynn Jusinski
Stick your logo here. Not going to lie - I was a bit shocked to see just how many syringe-shaped products we offer at ADVANCE Custom Promotions. I mean, needles are cool and all, but we really offer a ton of them. They all have their little quirks, which Read More...
What the Kids Like: Squiggles™ Silly Band Bracelets 08 July 10 05:49 PM postedby Lynn Jusinski
Remember your childhood fads? Last night, stuck in bumper-to-bumper South Philly stadium traffic, I had a nice long chance to take in all of the announcements about upcoming Philadelphia concerts. After seeing the screen hailing Justin Beiber's arrival Read More...
Made in the USA Promotional Products 02 July 10 05:18 PM postedby Lynn Jusinski
Happy 4 th of July! Ah, the weekend's finally pretty much here and it's a long one thanks to the holiday. As a kid, we'd pack up the car for Independence Day and head up to my uncle's house in the Poconos, where we'd set off fireworks in the driveway, Read More...
A Glimpse at Our Discount Promotional Pens 01 July 10 01:44 PM postedby Lynn Jusinski
Free set up amounts to a $55 savings! Hearkening back once again to childhood games, I recalled that one game where something is zoomed in on really close, and then you have to guess what the whole picture is. I knew the perfect subjects to try this game Read More...

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