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A Glimpse at Our Discount Promotional Pens

Published 01 July 10 01:44 PM
Free set up amounts to a $55 savings!

Hearkening back once again to childhood games, I recalled that one game where something is zoomed in on really close, and then you have to guess what the whole picture is. I knew the perfect subjects to try this game out on - our discounted promotional pens. The pens feature free set-up, so you'll save $55 on your orders, and these particular wholesale pens are some of our classics that customers love. Click the picture below to check out our discount promotional pens with free set up and you'll find all you'll need to figure out what the teeny pictures capture.


To make it a wee bit trickier, I showed off some colors that aren't pictured, so don't think the color gives a clue, because it doesn't. I will give you some real clues, however, to help you guess which of our discount promotional pens is which. Pay close attention to the names listed above ... 





Clue: These are neither opaque nor transparent.

Clue: These discount promotional pens come in five color choices.

Clue: That little green slab pictured is part of a free set-up pen that's a 24-hour rush product. Actually, they all are though, so I wouldn't put too much stock in this clue.

Clue: These wholesale pens are much more than just pens. Much more. You could say they are a mystery wrapped in an enigma. Or you could say they do three things instead of one.






Clue: The color pictured shares a name with a monster from Lost.

Clue: When each digit of the item number is added up, it equals 23.

Clue: The name of the pen is in the following quote by John Benfield: "Eagles may soar, but weasels don't get sucked into ____ engines."






Clue: Seriously, this one's pretty obvious.

Clue: No, it's really the one you think. Count it as a freebie.






Clue: "The future's so ______, I gotta wear shades." (Heartfelt, true admiration if you guess the band behind that lyric. Think of it as a bonus round.)

Clue: These promotional pens feature black ink and a big imprint area.

Clue: Free set up. Oh wait, that doesn't really narrow it down.

Clue: You can score 600 of these pens for just $384!






Clue: Pointy.

Clue: According to Webster, this pen's name means "the point of the celestial sphere that is directly opposite the nadir and vertically above the observer."

Clue: My family used to have a TV named this.

Clue: These promotional pens are tantastic.

Answer Key:

1. Pen/pencil/highlighter combo discount promotional pens. (500 for $995, with no set-up fees!)

2. Click-action jet discount promotional pens. (That quote in the clues is one of my favorite quotes.)

3. Pen/highlighter discount promotional pens.  The highlighter's at the top! Sneaky! ($995 for 500 of these.)

4. Day Brite discount promotional pens. Sorry if I got that song stuck in your brain. It's stuck in mine now. (Only $384 for 600!)

5. Zenith discount promotional pens. Technically, the description says silver, but these look tan to me. You can get 500 of these for $485.

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