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What the Kids Like: Squiggles™ Silly Band Bracelets

Published 08 July 10 05:49 PM
Remember your childhood fads?

Last night, stuck in bumper-to-bumper South Philly stadium traffic, I had a nice long chance to take in all of the announcements about upcoming Philadelphia concerts. After seeing the screen hailing Justin Beiber's arrival in Philly numerous times, I chatted with my friend about the phenomenon that is the Bieber.

Mainly it went like this: I expressed my complete lack of understanding of the Bieb's appeal. I noted that I never heard his music (if that's what he does?), that I was pretty sure he was Canadian (is he?) and that I didn't care much for his haircut, not one bit. The conversation then turned to our own childhoods - who were the heartthrobs of our day? Seeing as my friend in the car with me was a male, he didn't have much insight. I started rattling off names, realizing that my generation's swoonworthy males were, well, not any better than Justin Bieber.

I suppose Biebers come and go. Look at a similar fad - the Silly Band bracelets that are sweeping up kids across the country. The toys/trends we had when we were younger (I am a child of the ‘80s) weren't that much different. We had slap bracelets, which were remarkably like the Silly Band bracelets. We tight-rolled our jeans and donned flannel shirts even though we weren't totally sure who Kurt Cobain was. We loved our neon.

For a spell in sixth grade, the big thing was those rubber erasers. Keep in mind, now, that I grew up in a sort of backwoods community, so we weren't on the cutting edge of anything, but man, did we love those erasers. The more colors you had the better. And like Silly Band bracelets, these rubber stretchy erasers were rapidly confiscated by teachers if they proved a distraction. We'd meet up after school and head down to the store to pick up a few different colors and even though the stretchy erasers didn't do much (or even erase very well, as fate would have it), we thought they were the awesomest thing since New Kids on the Block.

So, while I may not fully grasp the Bieber fever, I do completely understand the Silly Band bracelet fad. They're way cooler than our rubber erasers, and with so many types, kids (or adults ...) can always keep collecting more. I was tickled when we added the Squiggles TM Silly Band bracelets to our selection at ADVANCE Custom Promotions.

My favorites are the dental shapes in the wholesale Silly Band bracelets we offer. The shapes include a tooth, a toothbrush, a toothpaste tube, a smile, something that I think is floss or possibly another kind of tooth and a star. As a kid, I loved going to the dentist because at the end of the visit, I'd get to dive into the cardboard treasure chest my dentist kept near the front desk. Every kid could choose one thing. These wholesale Silly Band bracelets would be perfect for dentists to give away to pediatric patients, and getting these would make that strange tasting fluoride worth it.

The other shapes for our wholesale Silly Band bracelets include insects, fruits, dinosaurs, music, sea creatures and transportation. The transportation ones would be great car dealership giveaways, and all the others would be perfect for any kid-friendly event (and they'd make your brand the talk of the town!). The wholesaleSilly Band bracelets would even make good tradeshow giveaways, becuase many times people are traipsing the exhibit hall in search of schwag to bring back to the littlest members of the family.

How do we customize the wholesale Silly Band bracelets? You have the entire three-inch-square card that goes in the pack with the wholesale Silly Band bracelets to yourself for a four-color imprint. While our sample on the website hawks a real estate agency, I can't see many kids interested in 2.5 baths and a clean home inspection, so specialize the card to whatever you'd like.

One of the great things about using wholesale Silly Band bracelets for your next promotion is the price. These are always cheap, but they're priced even lower when you buy them in bulk, and you get the bonus of customization. You can pick up 1,000 for a hair over a dollar each ($1.02). Now, back to frantically Wikipedia'ing Justin Bieber ... What were your childhood fads?

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I would like for you to make small silly band for small wrist,medium bands for medium wrist,large bands for large wrist.And put small,medium,or large of the package of silly bands it goes.

James Ballard August 20, 2010 10:33 PM
glasgow KY

I am looking for CUSTOM MADE silly bands with our logo on them.   Is that possible?

Sheri-Lynn Caffey, 6144048792 August 2, 2010 12:52 PM
columbus OH

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