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Did You Know We Have These Syringe Promotions?

Published 09 July 10 02:35 PM
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Not going to lie - I was a bit shocked to see just how many syringe-shaped products we offer at ADVANCE Custom Promotions. I mean, needles are cool and all, but we really offer a ton of them. They all have their little quirks, which is why I'd like to play "What Does This Thing Do, Exactly?"

Here's how it goes. I show you a picture of one of our syringe promotional products, and then you guess what that thing does. Once again, the prize is knowledge and the power that comes with that knowledge. Wield that power with responsibility. Brag to friends and coworkers that you've cornered the knowledge market on syringe-shaped promotional products. Regale your companions with tales of your smarts. Stick it to ‘em. Jab them with that knowledge. Now, it's time to take the plunge.






1. What does this syringe promotional product do?

    1. It lights up.
    2. It floats.
    3. It contains a USB drive.







2. What does this syringe promotional product do?

    1. It's a stress toy.
    2. It's a huge plush toy, the size of your head.
    3. It shoots water.






3. What does this syringe promotional product do?

    1. It's a pen.
    2. It's a highlighter.
    3. It contains radioactive samples from alien life forms.






4. What does this syringe promotional product do?

    1. Trickster ... it's an actual wholesale oral syringe.
    2. It lights up ... wait, that was an option above, too. One of these has to light up, right?
    3. It's a syringe shaped pen.






5. What does this syringe promotional product do?

    1. It's an actual syringe?
    2. Is it edible?
    3. It's a syringe-shaped pen.


Answer Key: 1. C. It's a syringe USB drive! The syringe USB drive comes with the data storage of your choice and has a hard plastic case that resists shock to keep the data safe. It may float, but I wouldn't attempt it. 2. A. While a ginormous syringe plush toy would be kind of ... well, creepy, actually, this is actually a syringe stress toy. It's a 24-hour product, so if you'd like to order this syringe stress toy you won't have to, er, stress about having it in time. 3. B. This syringe-shaped promotional product is really a syringe-shaped highlighter! The pink one is particularly gross because it looks like real blood. Creep out coworkers! Amaze your friends! 4. A. Yes, this is tricky - it's a wholesale oral syringe. Betcha didn't think there'd be an actual medical syringe in the bunch. These are great for pediatric patients and health clinics because the wholesale oral syringes make dispensing medicine simple. 5. C. Finally, a slightly easy one. This syringe-shaped pen is filled with red liquid or your choice of five other hues. It's a super realistic way to get your marketing message out.

Haven't seen any syringe-shaped promotional products that strike your fancy? Fear not. We have more! Check out the whole selection of syringe promotional products. They'd all make great giveaways for August, which is National Immunization Awareness Month.

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