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Eco-friendly Products Word Hunt: 120G PET Recycled Plastic

Published 22 July 10 11:20 AM
Here kitty kitty.

Yay! I've finally done enough of these eco-friendly word hunts to link you right to the eco-friendly tag on this blog so you can figure out what's going on. Wahoo! I knew this week would be a good one. Moving on, this word hunt's featured term is 120G PET Recycled Plastic. That eco-friendly term appears in the description for this cool roll-up tote bag, which would make a supermarket or farmers' market giveaway, as it's just the right size for toting groceries around and it rolls up to a small size that fits in a purse or glove box. The eco-friendly tote bag also won't bust the budget - get 50 or more for $4.28 each with a four-color imprint. 

This grocery bag is eco-friendly for several reasons. First off it cuts down on waste because it can be used for many grocery trips, so fewer plastic bags will be added to landfills. Secondly, it's composed of 120G PET Recycled Plastic, which is ... well, I dunno. That's sort of the point of this post.

What I Think It Means With No Prior Knowledge: Well, as a former newspaper reporter, "G" was always a clever way to get around writing out big numbers in headlines when space got tight. "Study: In Year 3945, Can of Tuna Will Cost 120Gs." "K" was also good for this. "Man Shows Off Collection of 120K Yo-Yos." Yeah, none of those are real stories. At least I don't think they are.

Here, the G could perhaps stand in for thousands. Or it could stand for something else entirely. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say it stands for "grade." So 120-grade PET Recycled Plastic.

Then what's PET? I have two PETs and they are both CATs. But yeah, I'm probably off-base there. It looks science-y. The P probably stands for poly, and I'm thinking the whole PET acronym stands for some type of plastic chemical compound. For brevity's sake, I'll make a guess: polyethyltybalt plastic. Extra points for including a Shakespearian character's name.

I completely understand the "recycled plastic" part. I mean, come on, that's pretty easy and universally understandable.

Final guess: 120-grade polyethytybalt recycled plastic. Does it trouble me that the official name of this bag on our site is "Full-Color Recycled PET Roll-Up Tote"? Why, yes, a bit. Recycled PET sounds a tad creepy if you ask me, but that's mainly because I have an annoying habit of always reading acronyms like words rather than individual letters. Eep.

What It Really Means: OK, 120G PET Recycled Plastic is now officially my favorite eco-friendly product word hunt word of all time ever. Normally, I have to go rooting all over the Internet to find out what an eco-friendly term means. PET recycled plastic is such a rockstar, however, that it has its own website.

Also, I was oh so close in my guess of what PET stood for. It actually is a chemical compound, PolyEthylene Terephthalate. Of course! PET is used to make plastic bottles. However, according to the PET website, "It was in 1977 that the first PET bottle was recycled and was turned into a bottle basecup. Soon however, the fiber industry discovered the ‘new' material source and started using it for making textiles, carpets and non-wovens. Today, even though the ‘bottle to bottle' recycling process is growing, the fiber market is still the major outlet for recovered PET." So our eco-friendly tote bag up there used to be a plastic bottle. I'd like to think he was a caffeinated beverage bottle. Those are my favorite kinds of beverages.

Now, for the tricky part, the part that really doesn't have its own website: 120G. Poking around a whole lot on the web, I think this means "grams per square meter." This discovery required going to a math website. Now my head hurts. The measurement delineates the strength of the fibers that bond the recycled PET.

What's the takeaway? Well, 120G PET Recycled Plastic is made from post-consumer plastic bottles. We sell it wholesale in a reusable bag that's also eco-friendly, so it gets huge bonus points for doing double duty - keeping post-consumer recycled material useful and also being reusable and hopefully preventing a few plastic bags from ending up in landfills. You go, 120G PET Recycled Plastic. You go.

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