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Did You Know We Have These Custom Cowbells?

Published 30 July 10 01:23 PM
What can we say? We needed more cowbell.

When my coworker pointed new products, both custom cowbells, out to me, my mind flashed immediately to two things: Christopher Walken and the Tampa Bay Rays. One is happy. The other's annoying but with happy overtones.

Christopher Walken put the cowbell on the humor map with a Saturday Night Live sketch that parodied Behind the Music and the band "Blue Oyster Cult." If you haven't seen it, I recommend scheduling a screening. If you have seen it, you're possibly already giggling.

In 2008, our beloved Phillies faced the Tampa Bay Rays and its fans, armed with cowbells, in the World Series. It ended well - very, very, very well - for the Phils, so even though the cowbells were a minor annoyance, they're still associated with pleasant memories of parades and pride and a certain expletive-laced phrase used on TV by a player to describe the Phillies new status at the top of the baseball world. In addition, now that the world's met the vuvuzela, I think we can all agree that hey, as a device used to celebrate sports, the cowbell just ain't all that bad.

With all that noted, do you, reader, need more cowbell? How about more custom cowbells? If so, we have them! And you have choices! Think of all the possibilities! We have pink cowbells that can rally troops at breast cancer awareness events. We have cowbells on a stick and the traditional models. All of the cowbells we have are customizable and the prices are low for something so small that makes such a big noise. You can get 150 cowbells for $263 including set up. Everyone can afford more cowbell. For the on-a-stick custom cowbells, you can get 500 for exactly $1,000 (I love pretty, pretty math) including the set-up fee.

As you see, you too can add custom cowbells to your life. Hand them out at rallies or fundraisers. The custom cowbells would make great giveaways for sports teams, too. Or, you can score one bell each for your 150 or more cows. Bessie and Buttercup will be delighted.*

Organizations can give these away to amp up the conference crowd for high-energy keynote speakers. Note that I once saw Richard Simmons do a keynote while I was a writer here. He cannot be topped, but custom cowbells would definitely get the energy level up in the crowd for any speaker.

Now, go forth and add more cowbell to the world. Spread that sweet, sweet "music" - as well as your logo - around.

*Blogger's note: For this sentence, I searched "cow names" on Google. You would be shocked to see how many results there are and specifically how many pages are dedicated solely to what you should name your cow. The Internet has more time on its hands than I thought.

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