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Totally 80s Party Favors

Published 20 August 10 11:44 AM
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Like, ohmigosh.

Who doesn't love that deliciously tacky decade full of spandex, big hair and over-the-top music videos? The 1980s were cool for me because I was still a kid, so the fashion mistakes were cute, not horrifying in later years. Even when I flip through family albums and see pictures of my kid mullet, I laugh, though I am slightly appalled that my parents let that happen to me.

Looking back, the fashion of that era was out of control. Sure, some of the styles have reared their far out heads again - I'm looking at you leg warmers - but no time in fashion, accessories, toys or music will ever compare to the 80s. Now, the decade is remembered through parties and on oldies stations (making me feel ancient) and looked back upon with fondness at all those fashion mishaps.

Taking stock of some of the ADVANCE Custom Promotions products, my coworker noticed that we have kind of an 80s thing going on lately. We recently added some products that are straight out of that decade, and they'd make great 80s party favors or giveaways at any 80s-themed events. I chose a few potential 80s party favors that took me right back to those leggings-wearing, neontastic, poufy haired days.

Nutty Putty. While this wasn't invented in the 1980s, it gained a lot of steam during the decade. I recall carefully smoothing the putty over the Sunday comics at my grandmother's kitchen table. Those little eggs would get lost everywhere and then the putty would sit out, dry up and annoy the heck out of my parents. Promotional nutty putty would make a great 80s throwback giveaway - but I recommend providing the Sunday funnies or your guests will really miss out on all the potential fun. In promotional form, the nutty putty eggs can display your brand's logo right on the front, and you get your choice of six egg colors.

Bright Shoelaces. We adored these as kids, and because I had a longing to be Punky Brewster (I even had a dog named Brandon), neon shoelaces were a huge piece of my wardrobe. Now, they can be used as giveaways at walk/run fundraisers, but they'd also make good 80s party favors. Get your logo printed right on the shoelace to ensure that while the memories of that decade fade, your brand recognition will get a lot of traction.

Rubik's® Puzzle USB Drives. Bring an 80s favorite into 2010 with these Rubik's puzzle USB drives. The USB drive retracts when you twist the cubes, and the individual squares can be adorned with your full-color logo. These conversation pieces have serious staying power and are, like, totally 80s.

Snap Bracelets. Now the kids like Silly Bandz®. Back in the 80s, though, we had snap bracelets, which we collected, traded and used to annoy our teachers and parents. They came in bright colors, made noise and were super cheap, so they could be purchased with allowance money. Snap bracelets printed with your brand name will grab attention as 80s party favors and come in bright neon yellow.

Wholesale 80s Sunglasses. A staple of the 80s, wholesale neon sunglasses truly encompass the delightfully excess of the 1980s - especially if worn inside or at night. I probably had a dozen pairs of these, and I even had the super cheesy heart-shaped ones (again, I was a wee kid, so I can look back and smile instead of cringe). We're brought them into the 21st century by providing wholesale neon sunglasses made of recycled material. These wholesale 80s sunglasses will always show off your logo, printed on the temple. You can tone it down a bit with three classic shades or go all out by choosing from five neon hues.

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