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Introducing Magnet Mugs™

Published 03 September 10 03:41 PM
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Watermelon-tested, ADVANCE Custom Promotions-approved.

It's the product that led one of my marketing colleagues to declare, "I will now start chucking watermelons at everything I own to validate the quality." We're very excited to announce that Magnet MugsTM have arrived on the ADVANCE Custom Promotions website.

What's a Magnet Mug? This video should clear up the confusion for you. At first, honestly, I chuckled a bit at the watermelon chucking scene, but then, that same week, I faced an eerily similar situation.

Each Wednesday, two of my coworkers bring in goodies from their community-supported agriculture share. It's a fancy phrase meaning they bring in a bunch of fruits and veggies and then we all pile into an office and pick through potatoes, chard, kale, peppers, tomatoes and other fresh finds. The week after I saw the Magnet Mug video, the CSA crop yielded a watermelon. The next week, another one showed up. The week after, two appeared in the office on Wednesday. While I didn't take any, I really, really thought about it.

What if I had? And then what if I had put it on my desk - as I do with all of the CSA loot - right near one of my many Mountain Dew bottles? Right away, I could see the benefits of having a mug that would withstand the force of a watermelon. That soda could ruin my keyboard! Or spill on the many important documents scattered about my desk! At that point, I really wanted a Magnet Mug.

Joking aside, I am often grappling about for my headphones, reaching over notebooks to get to my phone or spinning around in my chair with abandon. And things do get spilled. Luckily none of those things have ever burned out a keyboard or destroyed pertinent papers, but it's just a matter of time. Surely you can see that I need a Magnet Mug.

If you need a Magnet Mug - or oh, maybe 25 of them - we can make that happen for you. And you can add your logo, so each time someone chucks a watermelon at their Magnet Mug and revels at how once again, it didn't spill, they'll think of you - and they'll thank you.

Besides it superior standability (made-up word alert) I also appreciate the Magnet Mug's capacity. Twenty-three ounces makes my little coffee mug look like a minor leaguer. Think of how much caffeine you could cram into that mug each morning! Even without the superior standability, Magnet Mugs are worth it just for the big size alone.

The Magnet Mugs feature lots of other good stuff too. They're BPA-free, so no worries there. You can put them in the dishwasher. That magic holder upper thing on the bottom? That means there won't be any rings on your coffee table, dinner table or desk when you're using the Magnet Mug.

And you can chuck a watermelon at it. What an age we live in.

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