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Did You Know We Have These Scratch and Win Card Promotions?

Published 17 September 10 04:44 PM
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Or should I say caaaaaaaarrrrrrrrds?

Big news: Sept. 19, mere days away, is Talk Like a Pirate Day. Now, we don't have an actual listing on the ADVANCE Custom Promotions calendar for that one, but I can assure you that we have some products to fit the bill if you're down with celebrating.

I want to focus on one in particular, a shiny new product that would work fabulously in exhibit halls, at grand openings, and heck, even at Talk Like a Pirate Day celebrations nationwide. For my own personal celebration, I plan to change my Facebook language settings to English - Pirate all day. My favorite part is how the word "like" changes to "Arr!" Excellent work, Facebook.

We now carry scratch and win card promotions that you can customize, give away and use to promote your brand in all kinds of places. The sample on the site happens to be a pirate showing off a treasure hunt scratch and win game, but you aren't limited to pirates. The concept of these scratch and win card promotions is a little bit more complex than, say, a bunch of customized shirts or wholesale printed pens. Therefore, I put together a nifty list mainly consisting of questions I asked someone here this morning to help with any scratch and win confusion.

Frequently Asked Questions That I Asked Someone One Time

Do the pirate scratch and win card promotions have to feature pirates?

No. Customers can choose from a selection of themes and designs. No parrots, jolly rogers or eyepatches are necessary to carry out this promotion. Pirates are pretty cool though.

Are the scratch and win cards four-color promotions?

Indeed they are. The cost includes a full-color imprint. Get your creativity out.

How many scratch and win card promotions have to be purchased?

The minimum on these is 1,000, but when you consider that you'll likely be giving out a ton, that's good. Prices range from $0.54 each for 1,000 down to only $0.11 if you purchase 25,000 or more.

What do I do if I'm not sure how to tie this idea into my marketing mix?

You can call up one of our sales representatives at 1-877-776-6680 or chat online by clicking the top banner on the product page. We have creative people here who can definitely help.

How do I make sure I get the correct number of winners with these scratch and win card promotions? What if there are only a limited number of prizes?

You can sort that all out when you purchase the scratch and win cards. Pick how many winners you'd like and you won't be left at the mercy of prize-hungry customers. You'll be able to choose exactly how many winners come in the bunch so no one's left unhappy.

Do these scratch and win card promotions make good giveaways?

Indeed they do. Booths handing these out at tradeshows will be popular destinations. They also make good giveaways for grand openings and can even be used at company holiday parties to get everyone in on the fun. Scratching things off is fun. Winning things is fun. You really can't go wrong here.

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