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Wholesale Nursing Gifts for the Holidays

Published 16 November 10 11:29 AM
Just add our designs!  

Sometimes creativity wanes. Or it can get completely misplaced. When you're tackling a big project, something like designing the logo for your holiday gifts to the nursing staff, your brain might rebel. This happens to me pretty often. I'll have something creative I need to do - usually a writing assignment. If it's particularly tough, I'll clam up and try every which way to get started but still stutter. Alternately, sometimes I find myself super creative when facing down a deadline ... but the creativity is not of the same variety. Instead of hunkering down at the laptop, I hole myself away in my craft room making paper flowers or sewing up skirt after skirt.

Neither of these things helps me get the writing done. Most of the time, I just need to talk about the writing project with another person. This can be anyone, really. Coworkers are the best for this, friends second and some stranger in the grocery line will suffice if I'm really in a bind. Those stranger conversations can get very awkward when I'm rambling on about the structure of my paragraphs or how I hate the lede.

You might need a boost with your wholesale nursing gifts this holiday season. The good news is that it doesn't have to come from an unsuspecting stranger holding a bag of carrots in front of you in the self-serve line at Safeway. OK, so I am a stranger (except to those reading this who work with me. Hi!). But I can offer some help with wholesale nursing gifts, rather than simply returning a blank stare.

At ADVANCE Custom Promotions, we have a whole section of nursing designs. We have another page full of specialty nursing designs. And then, to make us even cooler, we have designs made just for the holiday season. Hooray! Look, I made some stuff for you!

I like this full-color eco-friendly tote. It's simple and stylish, and made from recycled material. Because this product has a full-color imprint, I picked a vibrant nursing design from our collection and put it on the front of the recycled tote bag. The design reads "Nursing: The Heartbeat of Healthcare." A super secret is that those people pictured work here, so while they're not real nurses, they do play them on T-shirts. Or mugs, or posters, or in this case, a tote bag. These tote bags would make great wholesale nursing gifts, and you can score 50 for $3.66 each, plus a set-up fee of $50.

Next up, I chose a favorite here at ADVANCE. We have these flexible vases around the office, and each time I walk by, I can't help but squeeze them. Even though they ship and store flat, when they're full of water and expanded, they're very sturdy.

I added a full-color imprint, so there would be an up charge, but I liked the way this RN snowman design looked with the color of the bottom of the vase. For 200, it will cost you $2.16 each, plus set up.

Finally, I went with full-color hand lotion, which is really useful in the winter to combat dry skin. We have this in several sizes from two ounces to 16 ounces, and I picked the eight-ounce version. For the design, I picked one of my favorites, a simple flower that says "Nurses care for all living things." This would also work on the tote bag, above, because of the eco-friendly tie in.

The lotion, depending on the size you choose, will set you back anywhere from $0.85 each up to $4.99 each at the highest quantity. For 250 of the eight-ounce version, the cost is $2.65 each.

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