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Spotlight: Breast Cancer Party Favors

Published 29 July 11 02:45 PM
In 2011, an estimated 230,480 new cases of invasive breast cancer will occur, according to the American Cancer Society. And breast cancer will take 39,520 lives this year.

October is a time to remember loved ones lost to this malicious disease as well as celebrate survivors. It's also a month to educate women and men across the nation about breast cancer prevention and detection. The five-year survival rate for breast cancer is 98 percent when it is detected early, according to the American Cancer Society.

If your organization is looking for ideas to raise awareness for the cause and benefit local charities, here are a few suggestions.

Ladies' Night Out: Invite breast cancer survivors, friends and family to a Ladies' Night Out themed party at a local bar or restaurant. The key here is to make the event extra girly. Ask guests to don their favorite pink party tops or dresses. Serve flirtinis or pink cosmos and offer free massages or beauty treatments. Keep the evening lively by playing music by popular female singers such as Madonna, Christina Aguilera and Beyonce. Breast cancer party favors that fit the theme include wine accessories and spa products.

Be sure to balance the festivities with the serious side of breast cancer awareness. Invite survivors to give a presentation and pass around informational handouts about breast cancer detection and prevention. This breast cancer list magnet helps women keep their next mammogram appointment top of mind and set a regular self-examination schedule for themselves.

Golf Tournament: Breast cancer affects the whole family. A golf tournament is a great way to involve entire families in the cause. Charity golf tournaments also are one of the most lucrative fundraising events. But they require plenty of advance planning. To get started, contact your local Chamber of Commerce to find out if any other golf tournaments are taking place around the time of your event. When it comes to golf tournaments, venues matter. Members-only courses may attract more participants than community courses because of their exclusivity. Ask the course if they offer discounts for off-season or mid-week golf dates.

During the event, host a barbecue mid-day barbecue and offer door prizes and giveaways such as golf accessories. Personalized pink polo shirts will help participants get into the breast cancer awareness spirit. Finally, you can make the event even more meaningful by featuring survivors' stories during the awards ceremony.

Pink Potluck: This grass-roots idea is taking off among community groups. However, organizations can get into the fun while educating their staffs about breast cancer. Designate a conference or break room for the pot luck. Ask staff to bring a healthy dish or dessert as well as the recipe. You can either ask staff to make a donation before the potluck to participate, or put a pink bucket on a table for people to submit donations. You can pass around brochures and ask survivors at the organization to say a few words. Make the potluck extra festive by decorating tables with pink tablecloths, flowers, plates and cups. Kitchen accessories make great breast cancer party favors. Ideas include a pink jar opener or a measuring cup. After the event, share the recipes with participants by compiling them into a digital or print book.

Those were just a few ideas for awareness events and breast cancer party favors. If you have any ideas, share them with us on our Facebook page! And if you're interested in any of the featured products, go to to learn more.

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As a 16 year old male, your chances of hainvg breast cancer are as close to aero as makes no difference. Men do get breast cancer, but fewer than 1% of those diagnosed with breast cancer are male, and most men diagnosed with it are over 60   though through breast cancer support groups I have met a very few men with breast cancer in their 50s..80% of all people diagnosed with breastcancer are over 50. It's rare in women under 40, fewer than 0.1% of women diagnosed are under 30, and it's almost unheard of in under 25s.So you can see how unlikely it would be for a teenage male to have breast cancer.Most breast lumps in men are  a condition called gynaecomastia, a button-like growth under the nipple and areola area that can be felt and is sometimes visible to the naked eye and occasionally it can be quite tender.This increase in the amount of breast tissue is not a tumour and occurs due to changes in hormone balances at times like adolescence   your age in other words.If your talking about about lumps you can feel in both breasts, then it's even less likely (if possible) to be anything sinister   the chances of breast cancer occuring in the same spot/s in both breasts simultaneously are tiny for anyone, and in a teenager (let alone a male one) the case would make medical history.What you're feeling is almost certainly completely normal; mention it to your doctor next time you have an appointment with him/her, so that s/he can reassure you. But stop worrying about breast cancer.

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