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10 Creative Ideas for Employee Recognition

Published 19 November 15 03:09 PM

10 Creative Ideas for Employee Recognition

Giving out staff appreciation gifts or planning employee recognition get-togethers not only demonstrates your appreciation of their hard work; it also strengthens their commitment to the company’s ongoing success. When employees feel that their work is valued, it can motivate them and improve their work performance.

Whether you’re rewarding employees all year long or on special occasions only, creating a customized gift or hosting an awards show, you can find inspiration with these creative ideas for staff appreciation.

1. Say thank you – There’s nothing more simple or effective than saying thank you to a dedicated employee. A sincere thank you reminds your staff members that they’re appreciated and costs nothing.

2. Throw a party – Celebrate all employees or a specific department by hosting a party. You can serve pizza, sandwiches or even all the ice cream fixings to make their very own sundae. It will raise workplace morale, show your gratitude and be absolutely delicious.

3. Start a staff appreciation program – Similar to a rewards program offered by supermarkets, a staff appreciation program would award points to employees based on your criteria. You could reward staff members for attendance, punctuality or any other actions you would like to acknowledge. Points could then be traded in for extra vacation days, gift cards, personalized gifts or another prize of your selection. This program would energize employees and encourage higher levels of performance.

4. Create a suggestion program – This could be a simple suggestion ideas box or a thorough questionnaire. This program shows employees that their opinions are taken seriously and also gives you ideas for improving the workplace. 

5. Send thank you notes to employees who work long hours – Thank employees who have gone above and beyond expectations with a thoughtful thank you note or card. This technique is even more effective if you send the thank you note directly to their home address, as it acknowledges how much family time they sacrificed to finish work projects. 

6. Give out a “Behind the Scenes” award – You can create a “Behind the Scenes” award to acknowledge employees whose actions are not usually in the limelight.

7. Recognize employees in the company newsletter – If you have a company newsletter, you can create a “kudos” column to feature employees’ contributions.

8. Take employees out on one-on-one lunches – This lunch will give you the perfect opportunity to discuss their positive impact on the company while also establishing a positive relationship with your employees. 

9. Give out treats for a job well done – You could give them a gold coin after they complete a complicated task or reward them at the end of a project with a mug filled with treats.

10. Hang up a large “Celebration Calendar” in your workplace – This calendar can feature anything from employees’ birthdays to work anniversaries. You can also recognize staff members’ achievements by writing a thank you note on the specific day.

Looking for more ideas to recognize and reward your employees? Check out our full selection of staff appreciation ideas for customized gifts. 

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