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Making the Most of Your Trade Show Booth

Published 10 January 17 11:34 AM

 Whether you’re a novice or have been working trade shows for decades now, you should know that the margin for error is slim. While it’s an awesome way to market your brand, if you take one misstep, you may end up doing more harm than good. If it’s been a minute since you’ve set up a booth, here are five surefire ways to get the attention your biz deserves.

1.       Take the Time to Select the Right Space

When the time comes to book your booth, consider prime locations that enjoy excellent exposure, including spots in the front or island booths. As soon as you get wind that a trade show in your niche is happening, book a main booth immediately. If the best locations are already booked or out of your price range, try reserving a corner booth, providing you with a user-friendly entrance-and-exit traffic flow.


2.       Stand Out from the Crowd

Don’t blend into the background! Whether you use props or hand out freebies, it’s helpful to have a gimmick at your booth. For example, set up a roulette wheel in your booth. Visitors can spin the wheel, then answer a question about your company to win a prize. This not only helps to engage, but get the news spread that your company is a standout star.


3.       Make It Inviting

Ensure that your booth not only is a standout, but is also attractive and appealing to visitors. Bring in some sort of lighting system to help increase the ambiance. After that, take a quick assessment of the other booths at the show. If the majority seems stiff and reserved, encourage your staff to actively engage visitors. If the booths on either side of you are already doing that, opt for a gentler approach. And never put a long table in front of your booth. Nothing signifies “don’t come in” like a blocked entry.


4.       Train Your Staff

Your staff is the lifeblood of your booth’s success. Remember that attendees walk through a trade show in zombie mode, using their peripheral vision to size up each booth, typically from the center aisle. If they’re approached aggressively or ignored, they’ll most likely leave.


A simple technique to break them out of this living-dead mode is with a non-threatening tactic such as, “Enjoying the show?” Most will stop and chat.


5.       Don’t Skimp on the Swag

Pens and tote bags are used by almost every exhibitor. Consider going above and beyond when it comes to your freebies such as bottled water with your company logo on it, smart phone chargers, and more. The ADVANCE custom promotion shop is full of unique items to hand out at the show.


Remember, location, appearance, and how your staff acts is everything when it comes to trade show success. 

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