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Making the Most of Your Trade Show Booth 10 January 17 11:34 AM postedby Stephanie Weaver

 Whether you’re a novice or have been working trade shows for decades now, you should know that the margin for error is slim. While it’s an awesome way to market your brand, if you take one misstep, you may end up doing more harm than good. If it’s been a minute since you’ve set up a booth, here are five surefire ways to get the attention your biz deserves.

1.       Take the Time to Select the Right Space

When the time comes to book your booth, consider prime locations that enjoy excellent exposure, including spots in the front or island booths. As soon as you get wind that a trade show in your niche is happening, book a main booth immediately. If the best locations are already booked or out of your price range, try reserving a corner booth, providing you with a user-friendly entrance-and-exit traffic flow.


2.       Stand Out from the Crowd

Don’t blend into the background! Whether you use props or hand out freebies, it’s helpful to have a gimmick at your booth. For example, set up a roulette wheel in your booth. Visitors can spin the wheel, then answer a question about your company to win a prize. This not only helps to engage, but get the news spread that your company is a standout star.


3.       Make It Inviting

Ensure that your booth not only is a standout, but is also attractive and appealing to visitors. Bring in some sort of lighting system to help increase the ambiance. After that, take a quick assessment of the other booths at the show. If the majority seems stiff and reserved, encourage your staff to actively engage visitors. If the booths on either side of you are already doing that, opt for a gentler approach. And never put a long table in front of your booth. Nothing signifies “don’t come in” like a blocked entry.


4.       Train Your Staff

Your staff is the lifeblood of your booth’s success. Remember that attendees walk through a trade show in zombie mode, using their peripheral vision to size up each booth, typically from the center aisle. If they’re approached aggressively or ignored, they’ll most likely leave.


A simple technique to break them out of this living-dead mode is with a non-threatening tactic such as, “Enjoying the show?” Most will stop and chat.


5.       Don’t Skimp on the Swag

Pens and tote bags are used by almost every exhibitor. Consider going above and beyond when it comes to your freebies such as bottled water with your company logo on it, smart phone chargers, and more. The ADVANCE custom promotion shop is full of unique items to hand out at the show.


Remember, location, appearance, and how your staff acts is everything when it comes to trade show success. 

What to Do (and What Not to Do!) at a Trade Show 02 November 16 01:17 PM postedby Stephanie Weaver


Are you planning to exhibit at a trade show in the near future? If so, you’re not alone. Tons of companies find that trade shows are a great way to engage with potential clients, give you a chance to showcase your products and services, and are a robust source of media attention.

But exhibiting your brand at a trade show isn’t all fun and games. As you probably already know, it’s a labor of love, sweat, and money. In your trade show preparation, here is a couple of do’s and don’ts to keep in mind for success.

Trade Show Do’s

Know Exactly What You Want to Accomplish

Knowing your main goals for the show is very important. You are looking to find new clients or concentrate on making actual sales? Once you’ve laid out all of your objectives for the show, you’ll know how to plan properly.

Pre-show Training

Be sure to conduct a pre-show training session with all of your personnel before every show. A general rule of thumb is to write a list of all of your objectives and hand it out to each staff member to ensure everyone knows their role and that you all are on the same page.

Arrive Early and Always be Prepared

Impress upon your employees the criticality of showing up early during the day of the show. You should also have your booth set up before the actual day of the event. But every day means restocking literature, promo items, and general housekeeping. Assign a couple of your staff cleanup duties to guarantee your booth always looks spick and span.

Your staff should familiarize with the products or services you will be showcasing at the event and knows how to speak intelligently about them. You also want to make sure everyone knows their place at the show, including greeters at your booth. Trade-shows can get hectic and if there is no one there to meet prospective clients, they can easily wander away.

 Always be Professional

Keep it professional at all times while at the booth. That means greeting clients, smiling, and knowing everything about the products or services you’re offering that day. Have your staff dress to impress, but allow them to still be comfortable. Trade shows are very long days and you’re going to spend a lot of time on your feet, so stress the importance of wearing comfortable shoes. Ensure everyone eats only during their designated break times and never in the booth. This extends to chewing gum or munching on snacks.

It’s very important to always give your potential clients undivided attention. This means refraining from texting or chatting on the phone during show hours. Take every opportunity to converse with attendees. When somebody stops by your booth, don’t ignore them. Always greet them right away with a smile and answer any questions they might have. Know the ins and outs of your products and talk about the ways in which your business’s services can fulfil their needs. The goal here is not to pitch, but to engage.

When possible, take notes. The devil is in the details at trade shows and every detail matters. Within a day or even within an hour, you could completely forget about a specific conversation and allow a prospective client to slip right through your fingertips.

Trade Show Don’ts

Forget to Watch Your Body Language

Body language makes up 93% of all communication, yet we are continually taking it for granted. When you approach the trade show attendees, you want to be an inviting and open as possible. Never cross your arms or look away from them. Also, do not spend most of the time clustered with the rest of your employees. This will send the message that you aren’t available to talk. All your concentration must be focused on the folks visiting your booth.

Bad Mouth Your Competition

Doing this is definitely off-putting. By spending needless amounts of time trying to convince a potential client of your competitor’s inferiority, you’re projecting insecurity on your part.

Eat, Drink, or Do Anything Appearing to be Unprofessional at the Booth

That also goes for chewing gum, snacking, swearing, or sitting down.

Stay Out Late at Night

While this may sound tempting (especially if you’re in a new city), you need to be on you’re A-game the next morning. The last thing you want is to be sick, exhausted, or hung over the following morning.


Best 20 Custom Promotion Items Under $10 07 October 16 01:05 PM postedby Stephanie Weaver

Do you want to maximize your brand’s reach and marketing campaign at a minimum price? Our custom promotions site offers plenty of goodies that are perfect for tradeshows, fundraisers, and more to put your logo center-stage. Get more bang for your buck when you buy any of these custom promotional items for under $10.

1.       Texturized String Bag

Let your customers use this lightweight and fashionable drawstring bag to tote around their possessions while giving your brand top exposure at the gym, pool, beach, or school!


2.       Earbuds with Case

Ideal for a purse, pocket or pouch, this compact protective case includes a set of earbuds featuring a 48” cord. Simply add your logo for the finishing touch.


3.       Soft Touch Sunglasses

They say eyes are the window to the soul. Help your clients protect them with these wayfarer-styled soft rubber sunglasses, featuring full UVA and UVB protection. They’re available in a wide array of stylish colors!


4.       Absorbent Stone Car Coaster

Protect your car’s interior with this handy-dandy ceramic stone coaster. It fits most cup holders and efficiently absorbs condensation. Sure to put your marketing campaign in the fast lane!


5.       Strappy Lanyard Phone Case with Card Holder

Let them keep your marketing message close to their heart while toting around their smartphone and business cards with this convenient hands-free lanyard case. Smartphone are everywhere, so why can’t your promo logo be too?


6.       4 Piece Travel Amenities Kit

For business travelers, some things are essential. This four-piece kit comes in its very own clear bag and includes shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, and hand lotion.


7.       Bone Shaped Scooper


Don’t let your marketing campaign go to the dogs. This fun bone-shaped scooper is the perfect way to scoop out Fido’s food in perfect amounts.


8.       Pumpkin Stress Reliever

Halloween is right around the corner! Spook stress away with this fun pumpkin-shaped stress reliever for only $1!


9.       Burlap Can Cooler

Add some rustic harm to your company’s promotions with this burlap can cooler. The cozy sleeve will keep hands dry from condensation while holding a cool beverage, while the neoprene pocket is the perfect storage space for money, credit cards, and more.


10.   OxiOut Emergency Stain Stick

Help clients stay neat and tidy with this emergency stain stick. Perfect for on-the-go stain removal, it gets out tough spots with the power of oxygen.


11.   Flex Gym Bag

Give your marketing campaign pure muscle when you use this sporty gym bag as a promo item. It includes a zippered main compartment, sturdy grab-and-go top handles, and side mesh pockets.


12.   12 Oz. Stainless Steel Insulated Food Container

Keep their soup, as well as your brand, hot and handy with this insulated food container for on-the-go meals. It features double wall construction for insulation of both hot and cold items, plus a screw-on spill-resistant lid to keep messes at bay.


13.   1 GB USB Flash Drive with Mini USB

For professionals on the go, this mini USB flash drive keeps important data and files close at hand. Plus, it’s also slim enough to slip into a pocket or purse.


14.   Reindeer Walking Pet

Christmas may be a couple months away, but it’s never too early to get in the holiday spirit! This cute and festive reindeer is the perfect pet to have by your side for some holiday fun.


15.   Full Color Selfie Stick

Everyone loves to take a good selfie! Now you can make the process easier with this popular accessory. Easy to use with most smartphones, it helps clients frame and snap the perfect shot while in the photo.


16.   Wood Grain Journal Combo

Noting says quality quite like wood grain. That’s why this rustic promotional journal is perfect to display your logo. The durable vinyl and beautiful hues make it the perfect present for any client.


17.   Knit Pom Beanie  

Always a hot giveaway, this knit beanie with a fun pom-pom is a cute option for those chilly fall or winter days. The one-size-fits-most comes in a ton of stylish colors that compliment your custom embroidery.


18.   Barn-Style Padfolio

This handsome and high-quality padfolio is the perfect way to impress executive clients. Made from cotton canvas and leatherette, it’s a must-have for any professional.


19.   Armband Smartphone Holder

Great for clients who go walking, jogging, or cycling, this armband smartphone holder keeps your phone securely in place and comfortably wraps around the arm for easy and convenient access. Best of all, it also has a place to stash your keys.


20.   Pink Ribbon Umbrella

Think pink with this adorable pink umbrella, perfect for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 

Check Out What’s New at ADVANCE Custom Promotions 12 August 16 03:31 PM postedby Stephanie Weaver

We’re dedicated to bringing you new and exciting custom promotions items on a regular basis. From gadgets and gizmos to fashionable shirts and sunglasses, ADVANCE has exactly what you need to attract and retain new and old clients. Check out what’s new!

1.      Retractable Ear Buds

Hate getting tangles? Use these handy retractable ear buds to avoid the mess! They feature a 27” cord that easily extends and retracts into a durable plastic case. The back clip promises a secure placement.


2.      Rescue Whistle and Keyring

Keep them safe with this shrill whistle for security on the go! The whistle produces a sound that is over 120 decibels – as loud as a jackhammer and comes with a convenient key chain to loop onto keys or a belt.


3.      Jerzees Dri-POWER SPORT Women’s Tee

This fashionable tee is designed for performance and style. Featuring a flattering, feminine cut, the shirt also keeps you cool and confident with antimicrobial odor control technologies. Just add your logo for the perfect promotional gift!


4.      Fashion Sunglasses  

Your marketing plan looks bright when you use these stylish shades! The lenses offer 100% UV protection. It’s a great look for a low price!


5.      Absorbent Stone Car Coaster

Get in the fast lane with this handy stone car coaster! It absorbs condensation from drinks to keep your car’s interior clean and fits into most cup holders. 

5 Back to School Bags Too Cool for School 28 July 16 06:28 PM postedby Stephanie Weaver


 It’s that time again for pencils, books, and dirty looks! Send ‘em off to school in fashion with these bags perfect for any promotional give-away. Not only will they give them a spot for students to stash their stuff, but you’re brand will be front and center throughout university and high school halls!

1.       Drawstring Backpack with Insulated Pocket


Boost brand awareness in a cinch with this chic promo backpack! Crafted from durable 210 denier non-woven polyester, this bag features an easy-to-close drawstring and a convenient storage component.


2.       Zoom Power Stretch Tablet Bag


Tech lovers can now rejoice! This sporty polyester bag boasts a zip-top closure and padded compartment perfect for tablet or small laptop storage. There are extra compartments for chargers, cables and more. Simply slap on your logo for the perfect finishing touch!


3.       Clear Backpack


Clear the way for a great promotional item with this unique bag! The clear PVC makeup makes it easy for students to locate their books, stationary, and more.


4.       Kids’ Backpack


Don’t forget your little ones! This versatile backpack has everything the kiddies need to transport all of their back-to-school essentials, including a main zippered compartment, a large water bottle pocket, and padded shoulder straps for a comfy fit.


5.       Designer Drawcord Tote


Give your little diva a fashionable statement piece with this leopard print tote! It offers a cinching double drawcord closure and a roomy main compartment.


Looking for something else? We offer a wide variety of promotional back to school items perfect for your brand!


7 Sizzling Back to School Stationary Items 20 July 16 04:27 PM postedby Stephanie Weaver

Even though summer is in full swing, it’s never too late to be thinking about back to school promos. Every student needs blank stationary to take notes in class, so what better way to show your clients some love than by giving them the gift of too-cool-for-school stationary? Here are some of our top picks for awesome notebooks and notepads ideal for any student!

1.      Baja Notebook Set

Keep your cool while keeping your notes in one convenient spot with this refreshingly colored spiral-bound 70-page notebook. Featuring a bold blue PP cover, handy pen strap and pen, and double pockets, this handy set is a three-for-one marketing score for your brand!


2.      Composition Padfolio

Students need to be organized to be successful. Lend them a helping hand with this promotional padfolio boasting interior storage pockets, a business card holder, elastic pen loop, and a writing pad. Top it off with your logo for some mega marketing spotlight!


3.      Wainscot Large Bound Journal Book

Pretty in paisley, this gorgeous journal will be a fashionable addition to any student’s stationary collection. Open it up to reveal 96 lined sheets and a convenient ribbon page marker.


4.      Spiral Notebook with Sticky Notes and Flags

This notebook takes the cake when it comes to organization! Featuring 70 vibrantly lined pages, two multi-sized sticky notepads, and five neon-colored sticky flag posts, all it needs is your logo for a perfect marketing promo.


5.       Composition Notebook

Who says basic is boring? This classic composition notebook is a fantastic tool for students and features 100 sheets of double-sided college-ruled paper and a gorgeous cover to showcase any logo.


6.      NeoSkin Journal

Available in four citrusy colors, this lovely journal is perfect for recording various thoughts, recipes, lists, and more. Outfitted with a durable hardcover and elastic closure, this neat notebook has ample room for your biz’s logo!


7.      Curvy Top Journal

This unique journal offers 70-rules paper sheets, a curved cover with die-cut details, and a large front pocket.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Visit our Custom Promotions Shop for other spectacular back to school giveaways items!


6 Dental Promo Items Sure to Make ‘Em Grin 29 June 16 02:28 PM postedby Stephanie Weaver

 Nothing sells your brand like a smile. Get them grinning at your next giveaway with awesome dental promotional items specially tailored to your needs. Our customized products include toothbrush holders, floss, mints, tooth-shaped novelties, and so much more!

1.      Adult Wellness Kit

Keep their pearly whites healthy with this personalized dental hygiene kit! Packed in a convenient clear zippered pouch, the kit includes a toothbrush, floss, a tube of Crest, and a travel cap.


2.      Toothpick Traveler with Mirror

Don’t let your marketing campaign get stuck between their teeth! This pocket-sized toothpick holder boasts a mirror and 400 toothpicks. Top it off with your logo for the ideal finishing touch!


3.      Full-Color Ice Drops Breath Spray

Keep bad breath at bay with this convenient marketing promo item! It delivered several blasts of cool, mint flavored spray. The perfect way to refresh your marketing message!


4.      Tooth-Shaped Hot/Cold Pack

This adorable little guy adds some fun to any marketing campaign. This non-toxic hot/cold pack can be reused time and time again for a lasting marketing impact!


5.      Munch-It Clip

Take a bite out of the competition with this teeth-shaped clip. They can neatly hold coupons, memos, seal food bags, and more.


6.      It’s Tooth Time” Coloring Book

Teach the kiddies about the importance of dental hygiene with this interactive book! Featuring fun pictures, this invaluable tool will make them smile!


Keep Your Cool this Summer with Customized Wholesale Water Bottles 01 June 16 02:20 PM postedby Stephanie Weaver


 With the dogdays of summer right around the corner, folks are headed to the beach, barbecues, camping trips, and pool parties. Heat up your marketing campaign by helping clients keep cool with customizable wholesale water bottles and sports water bottles. Ideal for company picnics and charity walks, these water bottles are sure to raise brand awareness along with activity levels!

1.      24-Ounce Aluminum Water Bottle with Mirage Top

Give colleagues and clients access to a sleek hydration station with this 24-ounce aluminum water bottle. The bottles are BPA-free and come with a sport lid and screw-on clear cap for added protection.


2.      16-Ounce Stainless Steel Vacuum Bottle

Parched for promotion? Seal the deal on your marketing promo with this nifty stainless steel bottle, featuring a vacuum seal for ideal freshness. The double wall construction keeps drinks ice cold for up to 24 hours!


3.      Six Pack Cooler Kit

The perfect companion for sporting events and barbecues, this insulated six pack cooler bag keeps drinks at the perfect temperature. This gift set also includes fun animal-shaped flat bottles and a carabiner attachment for convenience. Several different animal options are available.


4.      20-Ounce Bottom Fruit Infuser Sport Bottle

Infuse your brand with great marketing potential with this amazing 20-ounce fruit infuser sport bottle! Featuring a built-in fruit infuser to add instant flavor to your favorite drinks, this bottle is constructed from a tenacious Tritan® material. Add your logo for the perfect topper.


5.      22-Ounce Tritan™ Water Bottle with Lanyard 

For on-the-go clients, this 22-ounce water bottle features a convenient breakaway neck lanyard for safe and simple transport. The BPA-free bottle also boasts a brilliantly colored flip-up sipper and matching straw.


6.      16-Ounce Flat Jersey Bottle

Root on your favorite team while keeping hydrated with this unique bottle in a unique sports jersey shape. It can fold and roll up for easy-breezy compact storage and features a tethered push/pull cap and large imprint area perfect for your logo!


7.      Bag-In-A-Bottle

Your marketing campaign is in the bag with this cool sling-style backpack and sports bottle combo. Perfect for workouts, camping, 
8 Real Estate Promotional Items to Close the Deal 19 May 16 11:35 AM postedby Stephanie Weaver

Whether you want to congratulate a new homeowner, market your image, or say thank you for a referral, real estate promotional items that proudly display your logo are a great way to get your brand noticed in the bustling housing market. Give your company the edge by using one of these eight excellent real estate promo giveaways.

1.      Large House-Shaped Magnet

How many times have you walked into a home and noticed a realtor’s name on the fridge? Get your brand instant exposure with this large, flexible house-shaped magnet.


2.      Precision Screwdriver Set

This five-piece mini kit makes the perfect gift for any new homeowner. Allow them to perform small repairs, work on electronics, and fix eyeglasses with this handy-dandy screwdriver set. The imprinted pouch has ample room to display your logo.


3.      ADLite Night Light

Shed light on your marketing campaign with this eco-friendly, energy efficient night light that illuminates a cozy glow through a customized full-color faceplate.


4.      Full-Color House-Shaped Credit Card Mints

Awesome marketing is in the house! This pocket-sized kit contains 50 peppermint mints. The house-shaped container is a refreshing way to promote your biz.


5.      Tape Measure Keychain with Light

This handy tape measure keychain is the ideal promo gift and is helpful for small home projects new homeowners incur.


6.      “When I Move” Coloring Book

This kid-centric activity book is a great way to involve children in on the big move and includes tons of illustrations to color.


7.      Full-Color Door Knob Hanger

Marketing opportunities are knocking! This customizable hanger can slip over any doorknob and is crafted from durable tag stock. It’s guaranteed to make a statement!


8.      Yard Sign

This 12” x 18” yard sign will attract plenty of attention! Made from corrugated plastic and imprinted with water-resistant inks, it’s the perfect promo for open houses.





Unlock the Power of Brand Awareness with Promotional Custom Keychains 10 May 16 11:24 AM postedby Stephanie Weaver


There are many daily essentials they we take everywhere with us, including our phones, wallets, and keys. Allow your customers to take your brand to work, school, or play with our promotional custom keychains. With tons of functional styles to choose from, including flashlights and lip balms, these cool keychains will be your brand’s key to marketing success!

Stylus Key Light

Shed some light on your marketing campaign with this stylus key light. An extra bright LED light turns on and off with a simple flick of the switch and the split ring attachment and large imprint area ensures brand recognition everywhere they go!

1G USB Flash Drive Keychain

For busy professionals on the go, give them the gift of mobile convenience.  This USB flash drive keychain enables your clients to share and store files, music, presentations, and more.

Earbuds in Keychain Case

Nestled in a handy-dandy compact storage keychain case, these earbuds are compatible with any standard audio device. Simply add your logo for a marketing incentive worth hearing about!

Keychain Mint Container

Keep your brand fresh with this hot handout. This customizable keychain is packed with 20 sugar-free mints and is the perfect size for pockets and purses.

Mood Maniac Keychain

Help them keep stress at bay with this adorable novelty keychain. Available in a choice of emotion-themed designs, this great keychain has ample space for your logo.

Key Tag & Business Card Holder Set

You’ll definitely make an impression with this executive-style promotional piece. Each imprinted gift set includes two essentials for every busy business professional – a two-toned business card holder and matching key tag.

Multi-Function Keychain

Give them four great giveaways in one expedient keychain! This multi-tasking keychain features a staple remover, letter opener, twine/string cutter and your logo. 

10 Great Employee Recognition Products to Celebrate Your Staff 21 April 16 11:03 AM postedby Stephanie Weaver

Your employees are the blood-life of your company. Their hard work and dedication shouldn’t go unnoticed. To reward your staff for all of their effort, and to inspire them to keep giving it their all in the future, here are 10 employee recognition products perfect for saying “Thanks!”

1.      iCool USB Desk Fan


Keep your personnel cool under pressure with this compact desk fan. Connect this fan to computers or other devices for an instant breath of fresh air. Increasing your brand awareness is a breeze by simply slapping your logo on this baby!


2.       Two-Tone 12 Ounce Mug


Help your staff get up on the right side of bed every morning (even on Monday) with this 12 ounce coffee mug. The solid white surface provides plenty of space for your logo.


3.      Stylus Grip Pen


It’s no surprise that pens constantly go missing around the workspace. Keep your office fully stocked with these stylish grip pens. Not just your average twist-action pen, these pens also boast a touchscreen stylus on the top for use on tablets, e-readers, smart phones, and other devices.


4.      Fashion Accent Portfolio


This promotional portfolio is a handsome way for professionals to organize their schedule. Complete with a 30-page pad, interior pockets, business card holders, and a pen loop, its magnetic closure keeps contents safe and secure.


5.      Voyage Luggage Tag


For employees who participate in a lot of work-related travel, keep their luggage easily identifiable with this eye-catching luggage tag. Each tag features a large imprint area for your company’s logo and attaches to bags, briefcases, and purses.


6.      Magic Bean Planter


Your staff will love adding a touch of greenery to their office or cubicle with this promo planter. Offering a planter, combination lid/saucer, a peat disk, and pack of five magic beans, it makes a great gift for anyone who appreciates flora. When the sprouts grow, encouraging words appear on the seed coat.


7.      Berlino Picture Frame


A picture can be worth a thousand words. This thoughtful picture frame enables your employees to display their favorite images of friends and family on their desk and features an imprinted wood base and an acrylic cover.


8.      People Shaped Bank


Bank on some serious brand awareness with this practical promo item. This customized bank is the ideal gift for any employee who likes to stash away change for the vending machine or vacation fund. The fun novel shape adds plenty of character.


9.      North Star Glass and Silver Award


Reward their effort and out-of-this-world performance with this stellar award. A shiny silver star sits atop a glass base that can be sand-etched for your personal message.


10.  Executive Power Bank


Ensure that electronic devices never lose juice again with this sleek aluminum power bank. It comes with a charging cable with USB and Micro USB connectors.

Don't see what you want? Contact us today to find out about many other items not yet listed on our site!





7 Outdoor Promo Items Perfect for Fun in the Sun 11 April 16 12:21 PM postedby Stephanie Weaver

 Now that summer is right around the corner, now is the time to expose your brand to the mountains, beaches, playgrounds, and stadiums with our outdoor promotional items. From fashionable sunglasses and sports-inspired towels to umbrellas and sunscreen packs, we’ve got everything your clients need to enjoy the great outdoors – while getting your company some amazing exposure!

1.       Bottle Opener Malibu Sunglasses

Give them the combo they crave! These nifty sunglasses, available in a wide range of bold colors, feature a bottle opener on the end of each arm and UV400 lenses for 100% UVA and UVB protection. The right temple offers plenty of room for your logo.


2. Surfside Mesh Tote Bag 


Surf up’s to this savvy marketing item! This polycanvas/mesh bag boasts a unique open front pocket and has enough room to hold all of your beach essentials. The silk-screened logo adds a personal touch for your brand.


3.       Totes Bubble Umbrella

Keep the rain out with this retro-style umbrella from totes®. Featuring a 52” arc, sturdy steel shaft, and transparent canopy for maximum vision range, this bubble umbrella is sure to be a big hit with your clients!

4.       Sunscreen Packets

Perfect for on-the-go outdoor activities, these compact containers hold three single-use packets of SPF30 sunscreen with UVA and UVB protection. Just add your logo for the final touch!

5.       Sand Pail

Give the kiddies something to stow away their sand and buried beach treasures in with this 32-ounce plastic sand pail. The perfect companion for summer fun, simply slap your logo on the side for some great brand exposure!

6.       Metal Bird Feeder

Customers will flock to your brand with this charming bird feeder. Crafted from metal construction, this adorable design creates a whimsical setting for your marketing message.

7.       Mini Pail Blossom Kit

Nothing ushers spring in more perfectly than a cute plant! This mini pail blossom kit comes with instructions, a rustic pail-shaped planter, a peat pellet, and your choice of several seed options. Simply plant, and watch your brand awareness grow!

What types of outdoor promo items do you like to use during spring and summer? 



6 Custom Promotional Gifts that Promote Physical and Emotional Wellbeing 28 March 16 11:14 AM postedby Stephanie Weaver


 In order for you to get the most out of your marketing campaign, you should try to cater to your customers’ needs and wants. Custom promotional gifts that enhance both emotional and physical wellbeing amongst your target market not only shows that you care, but definitely gets your brand noticed.

ADVANCE’s promo products are designed with your company and clients in mind. Here are six customized promotional items that will help your customer’s health and happiness and ensure your brand’s reach is heightened.

Business Greeting Cards

A simple “thank you” card can go a long way. With our beautiful personalized greeting cards, you can send the perfect message any time of year. When people know you’re thinking about them, their confidence gets an instant boost.

Custom Carabiners

Attach your brand to just about anything with our promotional custom carabiners. They can affix to scrubs, purses, briefcases, belt loops, and more and will enable professionals to have swift access to their keys, fobs, and other daily essentials. Keep the stress of fishing for your necessities at bay and have instant peace of mind.

Personalized Hand Sanitizer

Help keep your customers healthy by giving the gift of clean! These antibacterial hand sanitizers come in a variety of styles, from lotions and gels to wipes and sprays, and can be kept in a purse or pocket for on-the-go use. Plus, the customizable label includes enough room to gorgeously display your company’s logo.

Promotional Bags and Totes

Fashionable carry-alls are daily necessities for busy folks. Help them tote their clothes, lunches, wallets, keys, and other possessions in a customized bag or tote. Not only do designer bags add a high level of fashion to almost any outfit, increasing self-confidence, but the functional and secure design guarantees comfy wear all day long.

Promotional Drinkware

Mugs, cups, and bottles help people stay hydrated and healthy. Our line of customized cups and drinkware give your brand great exposure amongst professionals both on and off duty. Three cheers to great marketing!

Promotional Magnets

Whether it’s displayed on a fridge, car, cabinet, or desk, promotional magnets make thoughtful gifts and can be little reminders of things you care about. Add inspiration to just about any place with a gorgeous promo magnet for an instant smile!



7 Paw-sitively Perfect Promotional Gifts for Pet Lovers 17 March 16 12:12 PM postedby Stephanie Weaver


Get tails wagging with these fun and functional promotional items for pet lovers. From animal-themed first-aid kits to promo materials catering to doggy daycare centers and vets, you’ll be able to find the ideal publicity product to get your brand noticed.

1.      Paws ‘N Claws First aid Kit with Carabiner

Show your customers you care about their wellbeing with this cute and customizable first aid kit. Featuring eight adorable animal faces ranging from dogs to monkeys, this kit includes bandages, antiseptic wipes, and first aid cream. Add your logo for the perfect finishing touch.

2.      Pet Litter Scooper

If you’re a cat owner, you know the dread that comes with cleaning the litter box. Make the process more fun with this paw-shaped litter scoop.

3.      Bone-Shaped Bag Clip

Keep Fido’s treats fresh by closing the bag with this bone-shaped bag clip. Boasting a fun bone design, this clip also offers plenty of design space for your logo.

4.      All-Natural Pet Soap

Pamper your four-legged pal with this all-natural pet soap. Made from natural, pet-safe ingredients, this soap protects animals from fleas and ticks while gently cleansing their skin and fir. Wrapped in an imprinted label, it makes a great giveaway!

5.      Collapsible Pet Bowl

On a hot summer’s day, refresh your pet by giving them a drink from this convenient eight-ounce collapsible pet bowl. Featuring a carabiner, it easily attaches to leashes or bags. Be top dog in your marketing campaign and simply add your logo to the back!

6.      Paws for Life Pet Safety Light

Keep them safe on those late-night walks with this clip-on LED safety light. It easily attaches to collars and leashes to keep your pet visible for up to ½ mile. Add your brand’s image to light the way to marketing awareness!

7.      Dog-Shaped Waste Bag Dispenser

Keep surrounding areas free of unsightly messes with this opportune waste bag dispenser! Made in the shape of an endearing dog, this dispenser holds 20 poly bags and comes with a bone-shaped carabiner for easy attachment to collars, leashes, belts, or bags.


Top 6 St. Patrick’s Day Promotional Gifts 12 February 16 01:52 PM postedby Maria Senior

Not only is St. Patrick’s Day a fun holiday to celebrate as we move from winter to spring, it’s a great opportunity for festive promotional party gifts! Put on your brightest green, start cooking the corned beef and get the party started with these great items from ADVANCE!

1)      Stainless Steel Beverage Cubes

Help them keep their Jameson chilled in style with these culinary-quality stainless steel beverage cubes. An alternative to ice that stays colder without diluting the drink, these cubes feature rounded edges to prevent scratching.

2)      Heavy Duty Cup – 22 oz.

Raise a toast to a successful promotion with this 22 oz. plastic cup in Emerald green! Dishwasher and microwave safe, the cup features a large display surface for an eye-catching promotional logo.

3)      Insulated Bottle Zipper Sleeve

As March rolls along, this insulated beverage sleeve may be the last thing you need to zip up! Sized to hold a standard 12 oz. bottle, the Insulated Bottle Zipper Sleeve features a choice of imprint areas for full customization.

4)      Bottle Opener Malibu Sunglasses

Your promotional logo will be the life of the party adorning these wayfarer-style shades. Both Lime and Kelly green are available for St. Patrick’s Day. In addition to providing 100% UVA and UVB protection, these sunglasses feature a bottle opener at the end of each arm.

5)      Govino® Beer Glass – 16 oz. 

Hoist a promotional Guinness in this shatterproof polymer beer glass. An ergonomic thumb slot makes this glass easier to hold and display your logo. 

6)      Pub Vinyl Bottle Opener

Pop the top on some new promotional opportunities with this bottle opener in lime green. Made from stainless steel with a vinyl gripping sleeve. 

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