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Preparing a Successful ICD-10 Transition

ICD-10 Preparation: Teamwork Required

Published November 15, 2013 12:34 PM by Elsevier

Reflecting on our time at the AHIMA Convention & Exhibit in Atlanta, obviously there was a lot of focus on ICD-10. In addition to the usual interest in the upcoming implementation, there was also increased concern regarding the challenges of planning for the transition.

A few of the issues we heard most often included:

  • Is my organization moving fast enough to make the transition a smooth one?
  • Do we have enough staff and are the coders we have up to the task? What's the best way to train coders?
  • What can we do to mitigate the impact on productivity - while training, during the transition and after implementation?
  • IT already has a lot on its plate with Stage 2 Meaningful Use and other mandates. Will that negatively affect our ICD-10 transition?
  • What really will be our final costs?
  • How do we manage revenue cycle effectively early on, while we're just implementing the new coding system?
  • How ready are our clearinghouses and payers, particularly Medicare?

While we can help on a number of those fronts, particularly in the area of training, the answers to many of those questions can only come from within. That's why enterprise-wide involvement is needed at the top levels.

No matter the size of the practice or organization, the transition to ICD-10 is a team effort. Now's a good time to get your line-up in place.


The transistion for this new system of coding will need plenty of time for training for the coders.  the word "new" always makes people nervous.  Coders should take out to make sure they uderstand all the new codes ans procedures to make a smooth transition. Questions should always be welcome when not understanding something, decreasing the errors.  Plenty of coders are currently being trained in the health care field becuase of the growth, it has become a need to have them all around the clock.

Donna Shirley June 11, 2015 2:18 PM
Omaha NE

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