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A New Way to Watch Your Health

Published July 21, 2016 10:48 AM by ADVANCE Perspectives

By Tamer Abouras


It seems ironic that in a day and age where human beings reportedly live longer, we’re regularly putting out fires on the personal health front.


The process is, in a way, almost circular. We started out with healthy, natural foods; then found ways to cut corners and process things — and somewhere in this period began developing bacteria-fighting drugs that fended off and made routine ailments that once felled our forefathers; and finally, with more information available to us than ever before, we discovered that in spite of living longer and having access to medicines our predecessors couldn’t have dreamt of, our chronic need for pharmaceutical intervention comes from relying too heavily on those processed innovations.


It’s from this paradoxical situation that the world of simplified nutritional information and advice has sprung up and begun to thrive (there’s practically a cottage industry just for tips on how much water to drink.)


And these days, because that information is so abundant, the key for health information providers is finding creative, convenient ways in which to provide it to healthcare consumers (who seem to love nothing more than receiving a specific reading of their physiological state).

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According to a press release from San Diego’s Personal Health 360 (ph360), “ … nearly 1/4 of Americans using wearable devices such as FitBit and Apple Watch to track their steps, calories, sleep patterns and vitals on a regular basis.” … According to Business Insider senior research analyst Will McKitterick, consumers want more from their wearables and are looking for new ways to utilize the information they provide.”


Enter ph360’s Shae. “Shae, an interactive virtual health assistant dubbed ‘Siri for your health,’ is the evolution of health platform ph360 which claims to be able to turn a user's wearable data into practical recommendations regarding diet, exercise, and lifestyle activities that directly influence an individual's well-being,” the release read.


Matt Riemann, ph360’s founder and the developer of Shae, said, “Shae tells you what to eat, when to hydrate and how to exercise for optimal health and energy. The real-time recommendations are even specific enough to tell you exactly how your dinner meal has been influencing your sleeping patterns, and to recommend foods to eat for breakfast if you want to stay alert or productive all day."


ADVANCE Opinion Poll: What is your overall accuracy rate for ICD-10 coding after the first six months?


If Pokemon Go is any indication, people are more willing than ever to share information about themselves via their smart devices. Here’s hoping helpful health applications can be just as much of a catch.


Shae has more than doubled its Indiegogo campaign goal, so for more information about when it may come to market and start helping you track your daily input and output, visit

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