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Unleashing Data's Power Through Healthcare Analytics

Data Drives Decisions in Healthcare Analytics

Published July 29, 2015 1:18 PM by Rose Higgins

By Rose Higgins, EVP of SCIO Health Analytics

Precision in surgery is an absolute must and applying that precision-like mentality to identifying patients before treatment, can have a big impact on a patient's overall health.

Traditionally, an individual's risk profile is generated by leveraging clinical or financial data. Now, with advanced predictive techniques and the combination of clinical, financial, and economic behavior data, SCIO is able to wade through population statistics and identify those individuals within a segment who are more readily impactable and intervenable within a segment. 

This consumer behavioral information coupled with a patient's profile helps shed light on where best to allocate resources for quantifiable and achievable results. By delving beyond the questions and probing for answers about what opportunities exist and which of those opportunities will generate the greatest value for all involved, everyone is on the path to better outcomes.

For example, with Medicaid populations we assess the risk profiles, highlighting what intervention is necessary with utilization trends that yield the greatest impact. This allows our partner to determine who to outreach to and how to outreach to them to achieve a higher level of engagement and activation within that population.

It's a team effort. Providers need a better understanding of the patient population to ensure they are focusing on the right patients for the best possible outcome. Better information for payers will help them focus on the high value target areas, refining program approaches, and partnering with providers.

And of course the patients, who are increasingly responsible for their financial healthcare decisions, need to be aware that they are working with an efficient provider with a health plan that is vested in their best outcome as well.

The reality is you have to strategically spend resources to deliver the best results and highest quality experience for everyone involved.


It is very important for everyone involved that all necessary information is available and understood. Once all involved come to this understanding a true partnership can begin.

Francoise Saint-Vil September 1, 2015 3:21 PM

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