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About Gerotalk

Each month a new concern will be examined, ranging from the clinical area, to the operational and regulatory area. The goal is to provide some "food for thought," obtain feedback and interaction, and engage in some stimulating discussion with other long-term care professionals.     

About Brian Garavaglia

Dr. Brian Garavaglia is a long-term care administrator, gerontologist, educator and consultant. He has worked in health care for approximately 26 years and has worked in all phases of health care including acute, subacute and long-term care environments. His area of specialization is older adults and the long-term care environment. He has continued to research, publish and be an advocate for the older adult population as well as teach at various colleges within the Detroit-metropolitan area. His research interests are numerous, currently working on how stereotypes influence the diagnostic implications for dementia in the older adult long-term care population. He also has a strong interest in neuroscience and the neuro-social psychological factors related to aging as well as how social-gerontological issues affect the regulatory and political climate in long-term care. Brian is married and has three children. He enjoys the outdoors and fishing as well as golfing and reading. Moreover, he enjoys educating and engaging in stimulating discussions that can reach a large audience, which is paramount to this blog site.


About this Blog

    Brian Garavaglia, PhD
    Occupation: Long-term care administrator
    Setting: Sterling Heights, Mich.
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