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ADVANCE Perspective: Respiratory Views

Respiratory Care: What a Tweet?

Published April 2, 2009 11:55 AM by test test
This morning, Sherman Health in Elgin, Ill. simulcast the first surgery ever on Twitter and Facebook. With one twitter-ready computer, a mini HD camera, a mini DV camera, digital SLR, and two iPhones present,. Raja Chatterji, MD and Humberto Lamoutte, MD, performed a total hysterectomy using a high-tech surgical robot.  Tweet by tweet, status post by status post, you could read as they cut incisions, inserted an intubator into the uterus, dissected the fallopian tubes and utero-ovarian ligaments, and eventually removed the uterus.

The surgery, the first of its kind, generated plenty of chatter online:

"Wondering if our neurological surgeon client will let us tweet a procedure?!" wrote one twitter user.

"...We wonder about applications for the developing world," wrote another.

"Can't decide: Awesome? Excuse for texting-while-driving jokes? Both?" weighed in a third.

"Who will be the first Wisconsin hospital to follow Sherman Health's lead to cover a live surgery online?" asked a fourth

 "Wow, I cnt believe I'm drinkg coffee, answerg e-mail, checking my calendar, & following a robotic surgery complete w pix on twttr," wrote someone else, obviously straining to express her thoughts in Twitter's 140 character limit.

What I wondered is this: If you could live-tweet about respiratory care, what would you say?

So much of what respiratory therapists do seems, at first, wrapped up in the immediate: responding to a code, intubating a patient, performing emergency airway management. Would you have time to stop and explain what you're doing to a captive audience of Twitter users?

But all these minute-to-minute activities combined become stories about convincing an asthmatic patient to stop smoking, or changing the prognosis of a challenging case by weaning a patient from a ventilator. Would you want to chronicle the incremental triumphs that mark your patient's ultimate success?

Or would you write about a high risk delivery? Performing a tracheostomy?

These new social media have many unknown, unexplored applications. Doctors, nurses, and even a few respiratory therapists have already embraced the media as both an outlet and a resource. What does respiratory therapy have to contribute to the conversation?

ADVANCE is online on both Twitter and Facebook.

*View the simulcast of Sherman Health's procedure online at Twitter. Don't worry, you don't have to be a Twitter member to see it.


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