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Encouragement, Not Criticism, Helps Minorities Quit Smoking

Published May 5, 2011 9:31 AM by Valerie Newitt

A new study by the American Legacy Foundation, suggests that encouragement, not criticism, is the best way to influence African-American smokers to quit.

Reported in the May/June issue of the American Journal of Health Promotion and distributed by the Health Behavior News Service, the study surveyed 4,067 current adult smokers before and six months after the launch of the national "EX campaign" in August 2008. The EX ads featured diverse characters and were promoted on television, the Internet and radio. The tone of the message was sympathetic and encouraged smokers to "relearn" life without cigarettes.

Results showed African-Americans who were aware of the EX campaign had a threefold increase in making a quit attempt during the campaign period. Participants with less than a high school education doubled their odds of trying to quit. This group traditionally has been less likely to receive quitting advice from their doctors or use quit aids than their white counterparts.

This is an encouraging turnaround, considering that past research has shown that mass media smoking cessation campaigns have been less effective among African-American and Hispanic smokers as well as those in low income groups compared to smokers who are better off - despite the fact that this group is most in need of help.


Okay first off you can't make anyone quit or try to ccinvnoe anyone to quit. The only way to quit is because that person WANTS to quit. I was a smoker for years and it took alot of self disaplin to actually quit. I have quit for a long time and I still think about smoking and every few months I will have a drag or two. Once your addicted to cigarettes you are addicted for life. Especially when your stressed out they calm you down and help you relax. But you can go from smoking to the E cigarette. It's electrical and not as bad. It's still nicotine but it doesn't have the nasty smoke or nasty smell and doesn't have carbon monoxide and all that other gross stuff. It would be at least a start

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