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ADVANCE Perspective: Respiratory Views

Don’t Sleep On It

Published March 18, 2016 9:45 AM by ADVANCE for Respiratory Care & Sleep Medicine

By Tamer Abouras


With the rise of social media has come increased attention to — or the invention of — many minor holidays. There’s a National Donut Day (and a separate Doughnut Day), a National Best Friend Day, a National Pizza Day and an International Coffee Day — and that’s just naming a few.


The point is, there are lots of things worth celebrating and for almost all of them, there’s a designated day to do so. And that’s fantastic (even if a day off from school or work isn’t included in the festivities). While many of these holidays are admittedly light-hearted and fun in nature, there are several others which have at their core a desire to raise or spread awareness about a given topic and oftentimes, encourage some sort of participation or engagement.


Today, for instance, is World Sleep Day, an annual event which draws attention to key issues regarding sleep. PR Newswire has a neat press release rundown from World Sleep Day that details exactly how certain countries and business organizations are contributing to this year’s iteration, as well as its overall theme, “Good Sleep is a Reachable Dream.”

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 “This year's theme, ‘Good Sleep is a Reachable Dream,’ is purposefully broad in meaning surrounding the message that sleep maladies can be ameliorated, but recognition has to come first, emphasizing the importance of overall health and wellbeing. Most sleep disorders are preventable or treatable, yet less than one-third of sufferers seek professional help. This year's slogan encompasses both adult and pediatric themes, as well as topics of insomnia and hypersomnia, parasomnias and circadian dysrhythmias.”


While the countries of El Salvador and Portugal will feature their own presentations as a means of raising awareness, including Portugal’s fourth annual sleep day symposium, Westin Hotels and Resorts might be doing more than any single country overall.


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“Westin Hotels and Resorts have become a supporter of WSD because ensuring a good night's sleep for their guests around the world is their #1 priority. In collaboration with World Sleep Day, Westin properties throughout Asia Pacific have lined up activities to reinforce the importance of sleep to guests and consumers. Westin has committed to partner in guests' well-being before, during, and after each stay. Sleeping well is a key pillar to health. To ensure their guests leave feeling better than when they first arrived, Westin states, ‘nothing restores mind and body like restful sleep.’”


Other activities taking place around the world can be submitted and viewed online.


Finally, the press release informs everyone that, “World Sleep Society has developed ten specific recommendations on how to obtain a healthy restorative sleep. Simple recommendations include watching what you eat and drink, exercising, and limiting activities before bedtime. These recommendations for children and adults can be viewed online”


So whether you are faithfully getting the hours you need or you could stand to turn in earlier, don’t sleep on this opportunity to learn about the many benefits of getting your body the rest that it requires.

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