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The Power of Two

Ninja Turtle Cool

Published December 12, 2012 4:24 PM by Eleanor Wolfram
Is it just me or is there an insane amount of body exercise infomercials being broadcasted over the television air waves? The back-to-back commercials of sweaty exercise fanatics doing fast paced jumping jacks makes it hard, really hard for me to eat pizza while laying on the couch watching them. And adding insult to injury is the military style coach screaming at me from the boob tube to get off the couch and join him in several gut wrenching sit-ups. He seems to be looking right at me through the TV screen. Can he see me?

Lifting Pizza Exercise
With the 24/7 invasion of exercise infomercials, I had slowly started to become hypnotized -- or guilt ridden into purchasing at least one shopping channel DVD to make them go away. Then about a month ago, by accident I happen to click the TV remote button onto a public television station. They were airing a gentler exercise routine, called Tai Chi. This new form of movement seem to say to me that I could eat deep dish pizza and exercise without guilt. And the calm approach could be performed without having to visit my physician for follow-up pain killers.

Quickly and at a reasonable price I might add, I purchased the Tai Chi video. The coordinated movements along with proper breathing promised to encourage a sense of inner peace and calmness and well as improved body coordination. While waiting for the DVD to arrive in the mail, I began reading on the topic only to find some interesting reports about the healing of Tai Chi at the cellular level.

Cells Get A Workout
Being a branch offshoot from the  school Martial Arts, it seems that practicing Tai Chi effectively benefits cell functions. The gentle and slow activity of all body limbs promotes smooth flow of blood and lymphatic fluids.  In addition extra oxygenation is supplied to the cells. Research shows that this circulation removes toxins and dead cells so that the delivery of essential nutrients and blood is applied t the tissues for growth and repair.

Some studies report that Tai Chi also operates at a biochemical level releasing ATP (adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP is the energy released by cellular respiration, which breaks down glucose into glycogen. The glycogen is stored and later used effectively for muscle contraction and other vital functions of the human body.

I'm a Ninja Turtle
Persons practicing Tai Chi report significant improvements in physical and mental functioning. When my DVD arrived, I eagerly began the Tai Chi exercises for the heath benefit. And while doing Tai Chi has not given me extreme tight abs, a flatten tummy or taut upper arms; I do notice that there has been some body toning occurring. And what's even better I know that at a molecular level, I am reaping the same exercise benefits as my sweaty fast jerking counterparts. The only difference is I look Ninja turtle cool when I do my workouts.

posted by Eleanor Wolfram


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