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The Power of Two

Did Sleeping Beauty Snore?

Published December 13, 2013 12:55 PM by Eleanor Wolfram
During our early childhood we all loved fairy tales. One of my favorite was "Sleeping Beauty". For these not familiar with the story, it is about a princess who falls into a deep sleep for one hundred years after she bites a jealous witch's poison apple. It takes the kiss of a handsome heroic prince --- with a six pack of muscles I would hope --- to awaken her for an happily ever after lifestyle.

According in to sleep scientists, there may be some truth to the old wives tale that plenty of sleep leads to maintenance of a beautiful appearance. It seems that a healthy dose of sleep help the skin to retain it's elastically with helps in the appearance of youthfulness.

We all know that a lack of sleep creates an attractive appearance due to dark circled eyes, tired and puffiness. But cell biologists working with cosmetic manufacturers are gathering data that a sleepless night also contributes to signs of skin ageing.

What even more interesting is that researchers are looking into the affects of snoring on appearance aw well? In other words, can snoring affect the quality of one's beauty sleep? Snoring affects millions of sleepers. I wonder if Beauty was one of those millions? As scientists we know that snoring comes from a sleep disorder called apnoea. Apnoea is a respiratory complication caused by breathing interruptions.

Snoring causes a variety of health related issues, such as a higher risk of heart-related problems. As for physical appearance, sleep scientists using face mapping techniques that shows sleepers with the apnoea can appear less also attractive. This makes sense because as with persons with insomnia, the apnoea sleeper does not get a restful sleep.

The author of the Sleeping beauty fairy didn't need to do deep research to conclude that she received plenty of beauty sleep and she didn't snore. The author could deduce that the handsome prince was taken by her beauty and planted the wakening kiss.  Also, what is apparent is that Beauty didn't snore either, because if she had the seven dwarfs including Sleepy and Grumpy would have kicked her pronto ---right out of the cottage.
posted by Eleanor Wolfram


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