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The Power of Two

Improvement with Age

Published December 30, 2013 12:09 PM by Eleanor Wolfram
The media has been all the rage since the discovery that a hangover from drinking gets milder as one gets older. It seems that data from newly release studies highlight that the morning after nausea, vomiting and head throbbing symptoms decreased as ones ages. The reduction of unwanted after drinking effects seems to begin occurring in sixty year olds male and female drinkers.

The reasons for the decrease in uncomfortably have yet to be determined. Some theories put forth by biologists are older drinkers' physiology may become more tolerant of alcohol. Another theory is that   the aged drinker learnt better methods to decrease adverse effects such as consuming water with drinking and/or medicate prior with drinking with aspirin.

The fact that the news press can't stop talking with glee about the fewer hangover symptoms says a lot about how society normalized and has embraced alcohol consumption. With the continued graying of citizens across the globe, this new research information holds a wealth of manufacturing marketing implications for the elderly consumers of alcohol beverages.

So, although the whys for the decrease of unwanted symptoms unknown at this research stage , the good news is that the older generation may wake up the morning after heavy drinking with headaches and nausea.

posted by Eleanor Wolfram


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