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The Power of Two

Big Bones or Bacteria?

Published January 8, 2014 2:51 PM by Eleanor Wolfram
In high school I had a friend who complained she could not lose weight because she was "big-boned." She figured her chubbiness was due to her genetic makeup. Since everyone in her family had fairly large body frames, their sizes supported her big bone heredity theory. 

I remember that teenage mall shopping sprees with a bunch of teenage girls were such an ordeal for her; she was always trying to provide rationales for her size. For example, on one Saturday shopping trip she pulled from her purse a color coded weight table. Weight tables generally break weight sizes down into three categories: small, medium and large frames to determine frame size. Using the table she illustrated how her large frame was tied to her large bones. Over the years, I've lost contact with her. But I sure hope wherever she is, she will smiling at all of the beautiful plus-size models and modeling agencies that have sprouted up since our teen years.

Aside from the big-bone theory, weight loss consumes a humongous amount of human's time, across the globe. Conventional, such as diet and exercise to very unconventional methods, including tube feeding, tapeworms (which are illegal in U.S.) even binge drinking otherwise popularly known as drunkorexia.

New studies show that bacteria may play a role in determining body weigh. There has been all types of scientific hypotheses and actual evidence-based studies to explain the under weight/ over weight issues.  One more recent interesting finding is one that suggests that bacteria microbes in one's intestine are tied to body weight. More specifically, it seems that research scientists have found that obesity versus leanness is linked to the type and the amount of intestinal bacteria in each individual.

With excessive weight being viewed as more of a "disease" than as the result of how many double cheeseburgers we consumer, the ground breaking research finding will shred more light on how human can perhaps win the battles against the nagging weight demons.

posted by Eleanor Wolfram


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