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March 2014 - Posts

The Power of Two

Neanderthal Dentists
March 26, 2014 9:08 AM by Eleanor Wolfram
As biologists, we know when a living organism dies, the teeth and bones exist on for thousands of years. Today I was reading article about not only the teeth, but tooth tartar being found in the mouths of humans living over a thousands of years. This Read More...
Night Light Show
March 20, 2014 3:25 PM by Eleanor Wolfram
When I was a child, the night light that my parents flicked on at dusk was basically a plain, white, small wall plugin. No complaints here. The night lights did it job of illuminating the dark creepy corners of my bedroom. But the designs and colors of Read More...
Prime Real Estate
March 18, 2014 11:27 AM by Eleanor Wolfram
Could it be that particular microbes are prone to inhabit unique geographical niches? Just recently, research scientists have come to this conclusion that certain microbe prefer to live in chosen areas across major metropolitan urban sites. For example, Read More...
Starry Cells
March 11, 2014 2:30 PM by Eleanor Wolfram
Every biography that you pick up will lead you to the conclusion that the artist, Vincent van Gogh was mentally disturbed. And he may have been, but one thing you cannot deny is that his painting titled "Starry Night" seems to be precursor for modern Read More...
Food Choices Matter
March 6, 2014 11:33 AM by Eleanor Wolfram
We all know that drastic changes in eating habits change the external makeup of our bodies. But current research shows altercations in what we consume can also change the internal microbial makeup of the human gastro intestinal tract. In addition, the Read More...
Dream Ideas, Think Cash
March 3, 2014 12:27 PM by Eleanor Wolfram
Ideas for improving healthcare mean absolutely nothing, when you do not have the money to bring your creations to life. Lately depending on which media you listen to, research grant money is either drying up or making a comeback. But the more unique your Read More...