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The Power of Two

Beauty Made To Order

Published April 1, 2014 2:06 PM by Eleanor Wolfram

If we truly know and accept that physical beauty is superficial and not as important as a person’s intellectual, emotional and spiritual qualities, then why is the cosmetic industry a multi-billion business?

People of all ages -- preteens to geriatrics -- are consumed with smoothing out wrinkles and acquiring eyes, lips and other features similar to famed actors and entertainers. Major and minor surgeries are being performed at enormous cost in the quest for breath-taking beauty. Even the disclaimers of operative risks and complications are not a deterrent.

You would think with all of the heightened media blitz’s about cosmetic-related bacterial infections and their resistance to antibiotics that there would be a marked reduction in procedures, but this is not the case according to the healthcare media.

Newest Alert: Facial Fillers & Infections

Just last week, the newest health alert was directed to the customers who walk into salons right off the street to have fillers injected into the face to either smooth out wrinkles or to puff up their lips. The results to this procedure are that emergency rooms and dermatologists are being visited by an increased number of patients with adverse side effects that will not heal. The complication, it seems, is caused by bacterial infections. These unwanted infections ultimately lead to gross lumps and lesions. It is believed that the unattractive facial lumps are due to skin bacteria being injected into the skin when it is punctured with the needle.

Consumer Suggestions

The collaborative efforts of the CDC, laboratories professionals and public health entities are doing their job to educate the consumer by informing them that pre-health assessment along with good hygiene before, during and after all cosmetic procedures at a reputable business are very important. But a stern warning is also given in that even these steps are not a guarantee for avoiding cosmetic infections.


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