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The Power of Two

Miracle Bone Marrow

Published June 19, 2014 11:31 AM by Eleanor Wolfram

I am happy that there are so many innovative biologically-based and synthetic interventions for bones. As a result of electronics and technology implantable bones and externally worn skeletal casts are being created with 3D technology. 

Engineers have already conquered reproducing artificial bone and cartilage bone and are successfully implanting these internal and external systems. But a bigger problem looms in conquering the issues of bone marrow. Marrow transplants are the only potential cure for many blood cancers.

Globally there are countless of patients awaiting marrow matches for transplants only to not find a match during their lifetime. Bone marrow is the sponge-like gelatin/vascular tissue located inside of the one. This is such a vital part of the body, in that it is the very site of where stem cells are located.

Stem cells transplants help patients whose marrow is unable to produce the white blood cells needed to fight infections, red blood cells that carry oxygen, and the necessary platelets that aid in the blood clotting factor.

Now while are emerging options for persons who cannot find a marrow match, such as Haploidentical and cord blood transplants, the good news is that engineers are hitting upon some innovative 3D marrow solutions.

But good news – engineers and medical research scientists have devised a method called vitro replicas of the bone marrow from 3D scaffolds. And it seems that this marrow can provide a continuous source of blood cells for transplantation. The process is too technical to even try and repeat it within this post. That being said, the hope of 3D bone marrow creation is indeed inspiring.

posted by Eleanor Wolfram


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