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The Power of Two

Smoke without Fire

Published July 7, 2014 1:04 PM by Eleanor Wolfram

There are two idioms regarding smoke, first one state, “There is no smoke without fire”; and the other assert “Where there’s smoke there’s fire”. However in the case of electronic cigarettes neither of these phrases holds water. Yes, there is no fire, but there sure is a lot of legislative and regulatory oversight smoke brewing.

Electronic cigarettes, also called E-cigarettes or ẹ-cigs, looks like the traditional tobacco cigarette, but it is actually a battery-powered device that contains favoring, glycol, propylene glycol, nicotine, and water.  The attraction of this smoking technology is that for a smoker or one trying to quit smoking, the lifting a device to their mouth still provides the experience of smoking yet there is a reduction in inhalation of tar. The outcome is similar to if the smoker were wearing a nicotine patch, chew gum, or suck on lozenges. The claim is that this new device introduced to the American public around 2007, is reportedly healthier than tobacco cigarettes.

In a collaborative effort to address the unknowns regarding electronic cigarettes known as E-cig) healthcare professionals, regulatory, and manufacturers are reviewing the proposed stricter regulations released by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

For years healthcare professionals have been singing that tighter regulatory scrutiny, warning labels and restrictions to the sale of minors should be as rigorous for E-cig as they are for regular tobacco cigarettes. Another concern raised by the healthcare community is that there is not enough research data to validate the health outcomes and the potential affects.

Reportedly the smoking E-cigarettes is growing in popularity. A quick visit to the not-for-profit, Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association (TVECA), reports that currently there are approximately 3.5 million users. Hollywood has been helpful in introducing the public to the technology. For those of you who saw the movie, “The Tourist”, may remember Johnny Depp puffing away on an E-cig.  Also, supposedly, Leonardo DeCaprio has been seen smoking the electronic cigarettes while on leisure activities around New York City. TVECA and other supportive groups are currently gathering to petition the government to not increase FDA legislation on this technology.

Recently the FDA released their wish list for electronic cigarettes. You can obtain details with flesh by visiting their website, www.fda/gov, but the essence of their desires include, but are not limited to: sales from vending machines and to minors under 18 will be banned; manufacturer will have to undergo product application revealing ingredients and studies outcomes; manufacturers will be accountable to oversight activities; packages will have to carry warning labels; and commercial, advertising, marketing activities will be under regulatory scrutiny. In a future post, I will provide you with an update with the smoke settles.

posted by Eleanor Wolfram


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