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The Power of Two

Let Your Hair Down

Published July 16, 2014 12:33 PM by Eleanor Wolfram
A philosophical unknown author is recorded as saying, "Gray hair is a blessing-ask any bald man." How true, though many men including male celebrities opt for the clean shaved head, many still crave the fashion of shiny and thick tresses.

As life scientists, we are all well aware of the biological importance of hair. Hair shades the head and keeps the scalp cool from extreme heated temperatures; hair protects our brains from ultraviolet rays; and hair can be utilized for toxicology studies in the detection of harmful substances.

For over a century, cosmetologists and biologists have been trying to cure problems of thinning and missing hair. And now geneticists, who are new on the scene, have been studying the DNA connection with baldness for decades.

Now scientists have jumped onto the hair color bandwagon. It was recently discovered by a team of Howard Hughes Medical Institute researcher that there is only one letter in the genetic code that determine hair color. It seems that this letter can generate blonde hair in humans.

Hair coloring is a big money industry. In fact the cosmetic industry has been making large sums on hair coloring for over 50 years. Treating the hair with various artificial dyes and bleaches can be dated as far back the Egyptians.

This newest discovery of genetic hair pigmentation will make every hair strand stand and take notice. For one day soon, it make be possible to forgo hair dyes and have a scientist click on certain letters in your genetic code to provide you with the hair color of your desire ... provided you have hair to begin with.

posted by Eleanor Wolfram


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