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The Power of Two

People Pet Paradox

Published September 4, 2014 1:14 PM by Eleanor Wolfram

What in the world is going on? Today I read two conflicting articles regarding the global shortage of food for people and the worldwide abundance of food for pets.

The first document stated that there is a severe shortage of food for humans and literally thousands are starving on a daily basis. Then the other document, which was separated by just a few web page clicks away, stated that four out of five pet owners are spending $5 to $7 billion dollars annually in order to feed their animal companions gourmet meals. It seems pet owners - who can afford it - are splurging on food purchases loaded with added antioxidants, protein and vitamins because they consider their pets as members of their family.

Again, what the what?

Thank the heavens food consumption or lack thereof for humans is moving to the forefront. For example, the University of Minnesota Institute on the Environment (UMIE) looking into the food shortage in a unique and innovative way. Scientists at this institution have discovered that existing land dedicated for crops could feed a billion of additional people without adding hardship to the environment. This is important since the population is increasing.

Because farming, deforestation, and fertilization activities account for close to 35% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions, particularly in Brazil, China, India and the United States are and other UMIE and other reports reveal that states that "feeding a growing human population without increasing stresses on Earth's already strained land and water resources may seem like an impossible challenge", but it is not.

There are countless worldwide studies underway by various research institutions seeking to focus on improving natural food systems in targeted regions, so that crop actions may make it feasible to reduce damage to the agriculture's environmental and at the same time meet basic eating requirements of billions of people.

posted by Eleanor Wolfram


People in West Africa and many other places need a sustainable source of animal protein so they will be discouraged from hunting and consuming "bush meat".  The latter consists of many sub-human primates, pangolins, duikers, bats, etc.  Both HIV, Ebola and Marburg originated in animal species, and consumption of bush meat (which is also available in France, England, etc.) presents a threat to the world's population.  In the Philippines, people have contracted rabies from handling and eating dog flesh, and people in Africa have died of anthrax from consuming a dead water buffalo.  Battered (breaded, not beaten) whole fried rats that look a lot like corn dogs are available in London.  Helping to provide people with healthy protein is a really important challenge in helping them toward better lives and preventing the emergence of horrendous viruses such as Ebola.

Linda Pifer, Clin. Lab. Sci. - Professor, Univ. of TN Health Sci. Cntr. September 20, 2014 5:17 PM
Memphis TN

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