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Maybe You Need a Coach

Published March 24, 2009 6:52 PM by Glen McDaniel

A few years ago when the doctor told me my blood sugar was borderline high  I was terrified. Having a family history of diabetes and cardiac disease as well as an elevated cholesterol, I knew my risks.

I decided to attack the problem with a vengeance and made a pledge not only to get in shape but to run a 5K race within 3 months.  I joined the gym, got a personal trainer (coach) and spoke regularly to a friend of mine who is a life coach.

Well, my initial goal of running a race in 3 months was a little unrealistic (as both coaches pointed out) but within  a year I did end up losing  almost  25 pounds and ran a 5K race, coming in first in my age group.

There is so much we are coping with in our professional, economic and personal lives these days. No matter what the challenge is (career, personal, health) it just might be a good idea to get a coach.  A coach helps you to get clear on your goals, formulate realistic goals, develop action steps and hold you accountable for commitments you make.

A coach's job is to is to help you bring out your best, overcome limitations and move closer to your self-determined goals.  A coach is part cheerleader, confidante, conscience and friend.

If you would like to achieve a skill, make a transition, cope with change, strategize about some goal or achieve a breakthrough in some area, consider consulting a coach.

Coaching is certainly not a panacea nor is it a substitute for hard work. But it is just one more tool available (and a powerful one) to make you more successful and self-actualized.



Thanks for your question. Actually the situation you describe would lend itself perfectly to coaching.

You are not unique in not having the "oomph" to move towards your goals. In fact you are a step ahead of many since you have actually formulated some goals. Many people have  a vague sense of unease or dissatisfaction with their current life but are yet to formulate a plan to move forward.

A coach would work with you to clarify your goals, check them for plausability, develop actual measurable steps, set deadlines, hold you accountable and act both as cheerleader and conscience to move you towards those goals.

When working with a coach it is not unusual to modify goals, change strategies  and sometimes even do a reality check. It's always good to have a trusted person outside of the  situation who can see both the forest and the trees. A coach serves that function.

The goals are always yours; but the coach is there as a guide, confidant and support.

Good luck with your future plans and let me know if I can help in any way.

Glen McDaniel April 9, 2009 6:40 PM

Do you think a coach is a good idea for my lack of motivation? To accomplish many goals I have set for myself but yet to do something proactive to accomplish them!!!

Justin April 1, 2009 10:18 PM
Atlanta GA

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