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What Makes a Good Boss?

Published May 25, 2009 12:01 PM by Glen McDaniel

In the past 3 weeks I heard from 2 different individuals who I used to supervise a few years ago. They both made me proud by saying I was the best boss they ever had. These are phenomenal women in their own right who both were very easy to manage, in my view because they were very competent, detailed oriented and made my job easier. Also in many ways, they made me look good to my boss!

But I was interested in what qualities make someone a good boss. This Wiki article  says it so well, I could not improve on it.

I agree with everything it says. A boss is really just a position on the organizational chart. A good boss is much more than a manager or someone in charge. Just about anyone can lay down the law or quote policy. But it takes a leader to recognize and draw on the strengths of his employees, support them, trust them, give them credit, empower them and mentor them. Good bosses realize that employees are a not just a resource; but the most valuable asset the organization has.

What do you consider a good boss? A bad boss?



I couldn't agree more with the Wikipedia definition of a boss or manager.  The best managers are leaders, not bosses.  I compare managing to parenting.  A good manager wants to give employees the knowledge, skills and confidence that empowers them to make good decisions and successfully complete tasks, even when they're not there.  They should try to make employees feel good about the work they do and feel good about their work environment.  Managers should be open to any and all ideas from the staff and give credit where credit is due.  They should be nonjudgmental and not show favoritism.  Last but not least, they should remember--they haven't always been managers and reflect back to what it was like being a worker bee.  Would they want to be treated the same way they treat their employees?  Those worker bees are the ones that keep those big ships afloat day in and day out.

Diane, MT (ASCP) June 2, 2009 6:41 PM

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