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Seven Bumps Ahead

Published February 28, 2010 3:20 PM by Glen McDaniel

On the way to the grocery store, I used a detour and noticed as I approached a winding cross road, a sign that said "Warning 7 bumps ahead." I don't recall seeing that sign, or any thing similar before. In fact it intrigued me so much that on the way home, I went  back the same way just to verify I had read it correctly. Now, I did not actually drive along the road, I just crossed the intersection, so I was not able to independently verify that there were indeed 7 speed bumps ahead.

But the sign did make me think: wouldn't it be great if life (including a professional career) was like that; being warned of the bumps and vicissitudes ahead. It also made me think of one of my favorite subjects; resilience- the ability to rebound healthily from challenges and just keep going.

There are 4 quick and practical coping mechanisms that increase resilience in these challenging times of sudden unexpected and potentially traumatic changes.

Prepare for the worst. All health care organizations have disaster drills in which they walk through and role play the process of responding to a disaster. If you have ever had to face a hurricane, tornado, flood, bomb threat or rampaging gunman loose in a hospital (as I have) then you realize it's hard to prepare for everything, but having a plan in place certainly helps.

If in your life, you "walk through" being downsized, terminated or whatever, then when it does happen you are not paralyzed with fear and might even be able to execute a successful plan B.

Face reality.  When "stuff" happens, the most counterproductive response is to simply deny it, or to waste energy wishing for another outcome.  Wishing or whining won't make it go away. Pining for an old boss or the good old days will just cause you to drown under the impending wave. Admit that a new reality is here and do something to cope with it.

Improvise. This might also involve rehearsing a response ahead of time, but commit to making do with what you have now. The situation might not be ideal. You might not have the resources or the personnel, but try to do the very best you can.  Make things work! Action moves you forward  giving you a sense of power and purpose. Standing still makes you more impotent and prone to being a casualty.

Choose to find some good. This might seem Pollyannaish, but it makes for psychological health. In any given situation, you can only be pre-occupied with one thought at a time. So why choose the one that makes you feel sad, depressed and lost? Why not say "OK, so I might have to change the way I do business, but I can also use this time to go back to school, complete projects I have neglected, or get a chance to interact with brand new people?"

Being deliberately resilient will make it easier to navigate those bumps when they suddenly pop up front of you unexpectedly.


Some folks just seem to eb better at this stuff than others. When there is change to be made, some roll with the punches and others fall apart.  It is not even about age or anything because some people in their sixties still freak out when they have to cope with something that a baby boomer handles in stride.

The thing is we just assume some people are born naturally better at this sort of thing. The reality is that we can all learn if we want to.

Jervaise L. MT March 7, 2010 4:18 PM
Austin TX

Well said. Thanx

BRIAN MLS March 3, 2010 10:49 PM

Even the Bible says nothing is promised to us. The only way to be ready is to be prepared. period. The only way to really, really cope is to have confidence and be ready not to roll over and play dead. Too many folks just want everything rosy and as we know in life and in the lab profession that aint gonna happen.

People are losing their jobs, hours are being cut, new lawas are always passed. You just have to be be ready to get out of bed and keep fighting. I like this post. Thanks, Jason.

Jason MLS March 1, 2010 10:39 AM
Roxborough CO

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