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Celebrate Earth Hour 2010

Published March 27, 2010 2:05 PM by Glen McDaniel

Tonight at 8:30pm millions of individuals will celebrate Earth Hour by turning off lights for one hour. Started in 2007 in Sydney, Australia with 2.2 million individuals,the idea is for individuals and corporations to turn off lights as a visual commitment to saving energy and reducing climate change.

 Participation in Earth Hours has grown each year.

The laboratory is one of the highest consumers of energy because of its very nature-whirring, high tech equipment in operation 24 hours a day, super-cool air conditioning, tons of refrigerators, bright lights and so on.

Tonight, at 8:30PM individual laboratorians can turn off lights, turn the TV off, and get the candles out. Use that hour to spend time talking or playing board games with friends, family and neighbors. Find out what's going on in your city; there might be a celebration close by. You can still ensure your safety by keeping security lights on, but you will be surprised at how many lights you can function without for an hour.

In the laboratory, turn off the lights in store rooms, unstaffed departments, offices, unused hallways for an hour. We can turn off every other overhead light in areas where it does not pose a safety risk. This might be symbolic, but it also makes us more aware of the amount of energy we use -and waste if we do not think about it.

posted by Glen McDaniel


That's a good idea. Last year my whole neighborhood celebrated earth hour. The kids and their adult chaperones met at a local park from 10am to 3 pm to play games and have fun. The adults met at a local restaurant/coffehouse and had discussions, poetry reading, music and so on.

Later on, we joined several of our neighbors at one house to play board games. It was so much fun we stayed for more than 3 hours.

I live in a different neighborhood this year. My neighbors will all be gathering in the local club house. They will have food and drinks and play games by candle light. For safety they even arranged for police to patrol the neighborhood by cruiser.

I have to work tonight. But I will do my pary by turning off some of the  many, many, bright lights we have all over the lab including hallways.

Jeanine Caraway MT (ASCP) March 27, 2010 5:43 PM
Los Angeles CA

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