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10 Must Haves: Glen

Published September 22, 2010 2:36 PM by Glen McDaniel

Blogger Glen McDaniel shares his 10 must haves:

  1. Coffee. I suspect this might be on many must have lists, but I really like my coffee. I must have a cup first thing in the morning and I take it black to get all the “coffee goodness.” I am not one for all the additives -- flavors, creams and other adulterants. My addiction is psychological because I think about that first cup until I have it even if it’s mid morning; yet I have never had withdrawal symptoms on the occasions (sometimes as long as 24 hours) when I could not have a cup.

  2. Quiet time. I am very social but I relish nothing more than down time for and by myself. If I have a few hours with no obligations I feel I am in heaven. I love my own company and couldn’t survive if I could not recharge my batteries that way.

  3. My BlackBerry. I have had many phones and several PDAs, but I love my BlackBerry. I have morphed into one of those annoying people who fiddle with their phone in meetings, grocery store lines or walking to the car.

  4. Meditation. I don’t practice any particular or formal type of meditation, but I do have to breathe, relax and get in tune. It is both relaxing and refreshing.

  5. Writing. This is a shocker, but sometimes I feel I have to write; it’s not something I like to do, it’s something I must do and I sometimes have ideas that swirl around yelling to get out. I do get writer’s block and I get stressed with deadlines, sometimes, but I could not give up writing even if I tried. If I won the lottery and didn’t have to have a day job, I’d write, speak and act for free. I feel most alive doing those things. Does this trifecta of likes count as three things? To me they are so similar.

  6. I love to eat. I (frequently) enjoy a good meal-anything from pizza to fine French cuisine and lots in between. I am very “culinarily-adventurous” and am one of those people who always eats the local food when I travel.

  7. I am a political junkie. I like the idea of politics being used to make a difference in society. Having being involved in politics since I was a teenager, I always vote, I follow politics relentlessly and have collected the most useless set of facts about politics, government and politicians.

  8. Talking to my mom when she was alive. She is the smartest, funniest person I know in a low-key almost sneaky sort of way. She would whisper something to me or make an expression that would make me crack up while she kept a straight face. She also had the most intuitive uncommon wisdom about life. Even though she is no longer with us, I still catch myself thinking of sharing a joke or experience with her. And, yes, I do sometimes still talk to her; not in a creepy way, but just to check in.

  9. Quantum physics. This science makes the most sense to me and connects all the dots in a very visceral way. Scientist talk about TOE (the theory of everything). For me, quantum physics comes closest to making sense and explaining the connectedness of everything.

  10. Music. I use music to relax, to get pumped up, to fall asleep to, to make me laugh, and to sing along with (when no one else is around). I do like most types of music, except ... never mind.
posted by Glen McDaniel


It is interesting learning more about the bloggers and Advance staff. I met Glen when he spoke at a meeting in Maine a few years ago.

I like the way you write and I read everything  I can find  that has  your name on it. I have heard that creative people like painters and writers sometimes feel they have to write, the creative thing is so strong in them. They just cant help it.%0d%0aI guess it is a talent.

I like my coffee too, like you. I also dont mind being alone. You like quantum physics. Wow. I am the geek that fixes  fixes machines in our lab but my son does all the electronics around the house.

So I guess I am like you in some ways but different in others. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Jonah R. September 26, 2010 11:32 PM
New York NY

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