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Elections are Over

Published November 11, 2012 4:06 PM by Glen McDaniel

The 2012 Presidential elections are now over. After a record estimated 6 billion dollars and a hugely divided electorate, President Barack Obama was re-elected rather resoundingly for a second four year term.

In many ways this was not the highpoint in American campaigning with boldly inaccurate campaign ads, personal attacks and accusations of not being American or patriotic enough.

But it's all over. So now what? Presuming you are not one of those people who threatened to move to Canada if your candidate lost, what will you do differently? How will the results affect you as an individual and a laboratorian?

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA)  or so called Obamacare will most likely not be repealed (at least in this term) and the projected roll-out will occur as planned. Most are not familiar with the contents of the huge (2409 pages) bill and its staggered timeline.

Labs have an opportunity to maximize the advantages by preparing for the influx of new patients who will be newly insured under PPACA. Staffing models will have to be different to meet increasing demands for testing as well as providing results in a more understandable, useful format.

There is still a huge question as to whether CMS and other agencies will institute onerous, time consuming or expensive mandates for laboratories to meet as a condition of payment or accreditation.

Time will not stand still. The population will continue to get older, meaning both more patients requiring lab tests and a dwindling laboratory workforce due to retirement of older laboratorians.

These are eventualities we should have been planning for anyway. The bottom line is that whoever is in the White House our daily lives should be focused on service and leading our best lives rather than being tossed around by the vagaries of politics.


I am glad all the election fever is over. I am satisfied with the way it turned out. I haveno complaints. It concerns me w ehave not been doing anything different in our lab or our hospital. It seems to me w eshould be educating staff and gearing up for additional testing.

I wonder if physicians will try to capture more revenue by doing more test in their office. As laboratorians we need to have an interest in that aspect too.

Minerva C November 13, 2012 4:49 PM
Brooklyn NY

I am glad the election is over and also happy the President won. This was a nasty campaign and there was lots of lies and misinformation about everything including Medicare and healthcare reform.

Want to know if healthcare reform is a good thing? Ask those college kids who can stay on their parents insurance till age 26  instead of being dropped at 18/21 years old depending on the carrier.  Ask someone with a life threatening illness who can no longer be denied coverage. Ask someone who does not have to take out loans and sell theiir house because their kid has leukemia and has to pay for expensive care or travel to another city and stay in hotels for months.

I know these people. So I know for a fact what a blessing Obamacare is.

Bobby J November 11, 2012 9:15 PM
Chattanooga TN

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