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Laboratory Professionals Get Results

Published April 22, 2013 8:11 PM by Glen McDaniel


It is that time of year when we celebrate National  Medical Laboratory Professionals Week (NMLPW).  This is a week when the various, often competing, laboratory organizations join forces  to honor the more than 300,000 medical laboratory professionals around the country who perform and interpret more than 10 billion laboratory tests annually. As stated in this year's slogan, whenever there is a medical dilemma or need, scientists, technicians and others in the medical laboratory get results.

In the past few years, I have challenged my colleagues to turn outward and use NMLPW to educate others about the value of the profession. Too few individuals, even those within healthcare, and many who interact with us realize the extent of our education and use of critical thinking in providing  useful information to positively impact patient care.

If a profession can be compared to an individual, medical laboratorians are introverts, even reticent to choose one dominant professional organization and select a logical descriptive professional title. I am not a fan of
self- congratulatory slaps and feasting on free meals provided by vendors while we wear brightly colored tee shirts emblazoned with slogans, and play games behind closed doors in the lab.  I still feel that way, but this year, maybe it's time to gloat a little.

We are as a nation riveted and saddened by the disasters and acts of terrorism in the news. With attention concentrated on these matters, NMLPW is even more likely to be overlooked.  Ironically laboratory professionals are among the heroes working long hours, going the extra mile and drawing on their unique skills to provide information to diagnose, treat and monitor those who have been hurt.

As our hearts go out to those affected directly and indirectly, as we commend first responders and our colleagues on the healthcare team, we can also smile with pride at the part medical laboratorians are playing. Medical laboratory professionals are there and not just for disasters and heinous acts of terrorism. I for one am glad medical laboratorians are there serving 24/7, 365 days a year. Yes, you, take a bow. Thank you and happy National Medical Laboratory Professionals Week!


Great article. Happy lab week to all my fellow colleagues. I am proud of you all and everything you to to contribute to patient care  all over the country 24/7

Mareline Taylor April 25, 2013 12:10 PM
Camden NJ

Thank you for such forceful and fulfilling article. It is unfortunate that many people are typically unfamiliar with our role in patient care. How do Laboratorians educate people on the role we play to keep them healthy. Laboratorians are not egocentric and are self-certified by their contribution to quality health care. What ever be the case we must continue to do what we do best, and that is providing accurate results and diagnosis for quality health care.

Chukwulete Ukeekwe, , Director/CEO Six Star Laboratory April 24, 2013 9:59 AM

Myrtle and Deanna: Thank you for your contribution; not just to this blog, but for the great work you and your entire team do every single day.

Glen McDaniel April 23, 2013 12:38 PM

I would like to take a moment to recognize the Canton-Potsdam Hospital laboratory team.  They are a dynamic group who do a tremendous job to support the healthcare provided by our care delivery team.   Without their dedication to excellence our organization would not be where it is today.   Our lab team is recognized by our providers, nurses, leaders and community for their professional talent.  Kudo's to our lab team for always getting us the results!  

Deanna Page, , VP Clinical Services Canton-Potsdam Hospital April 23, 2013 11:32 AM
Potsdam NY

What a nice article. It is so true I cannot add anything. We do somuch and get such little recognition.  By the same token we dont always tell ours what we do, but expect them to know. This is our week and we deserve it.

Myrtle Tam April 23, 2013 10:41 AM

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